he’s back — and he brought the rest of us

…like Superman under a yellow sun…

When things changed he went into hiding. The best him. A new place, new faces, new feelings…he couldn’t expose himself until he understood them so he sent out another.

The other did his best to wear the mask. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Some noticed…most didn’t. Necessary but never ideal, he was a placeholder until we could return.
Now it’s time.

No longer wary. No longer testing the waters. Now we come out. For the first time we all arrive at once. 
We are all here!

The one that speaks truths, the one that embraces the dark, the one that emanates light, the one that speaks without listening, the one that listens without speaking, the one that finds the laughter, and the one that can take it away. 
We are all here!

We are all here finally…and we are ready to get started! It’s a shame that some were lost before we arrived. They couldn’t handle the placeholders and they ran because it wasn’t what they expected. We understand. Now that we’re all here though we can see the potential. We hope they come back but won’t hold our breath.
We are all here.

Together. We make the best even better. We create a new best!