“Haruki Murakami goes to meet Hayao Kawai”

I just bought a book based on it’s cover. I know nothing about the book except that it is presumably a dialogue between the writer Haruki Murakami and someone named Hayao Kawai. I could be wrong about that but it’s a reasonably safe guess. I know who Murakami is, although I have yet to read anything by him. His novel, 1Q84 is on my shelf waiting to be started. I can’t say I know much about Murakami other than that he is a writer of some acclaim. I have been told I will appreciate his novels. I have no idea who Hayao Kawai is or even if it’s a he or a she.

“Haruki Murakami goes to meet Hayao Kawai” caught my eye largely because it was shrink-wrapped. It was also smaller than all the other books nearby. When I picked it up and perused it’s exterior I discovered nothing more than the title. The jacket is a photograph of a tree overlooking a body of water. It looks like it may have been taken in summer or early fall due to the amount of greenery visible. There is no description of the book’s contents and no text of any kind besides the title, a publisher’s stamp and a bar code box. It is delightfully absent of blurbs. There is no price shown.

When checking out I blanched a little to see that the price was higher than I expected at $32. That seems high for such a slight looking book but it was shrink-wrapped which suggests… I’m not even sure what, other than that the book is special. Oh well, the decision was already made so the price was accepted without regret.

The book now sits on my desk, near my computer. It’s not in my “currently reading” pile nor my “read someday” pile. It’s just on my desk. I haven’t removed the wrap yet. I have no idea when I’m going to read it or which pile I should put it in. It might need it’s own special place.

I’m hiding responses to this post because I don’t want to know any more about the book before I read it. I don’t know when I will open it and begin but I will do so before reading 1Q84. I do not plan to google the book or Hayao Kawai. I intend to read it without knowing any more than I do right now and to read it in one session. I’m anticipating the book so eagerly that I almost don’t want to read it. For now, I’m savoring the experience of mystery and lack of expectation.

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