Every exit poll and all the data shows that Bernie WOULD have won against Trump but if you don’t believe that — try using common sense!
Phillip Guttmann

  1. Every pre-election poll showed Clinton winning, some by a large margin. Why should we trust the exit polls? (And I have no idea what “all the data” means.)
  2. A Jewish Socialist is exactly the opposite of who the populist, nationalist movement voted for. Sanders could not have won. I admit this is hindsight.
  3. The people that elected Trump are largely older, white, male and christian. Not exclusively so but there were enough of them to make the difference. (Last gasp of a dying culture? One can hope.)
  4. Now that he’s PEOTUS, Trump is selecting older white male christians, most of whom have histories of racism, mysogyny and xenophobia, for his transition team and cabinet.
  5. Common sense tells us that however serious her flaws — and there are many — Clinton would be assembling a diverse and progressive team of people to shape public policy for the next four years.
  6. Pragmatism trumps preference in a two party system. It may be fucked up that we’re stuck with a two party system but the key word is ‘stuck.’ If anyone has ideas about how to create a fairer and more representative system I would agree to fight for it. Until then…
  7. If you voted for Trump, or Nobody (ie, third party), then why not admit it’s more out of a desire to burn the whole thing down than a realistic belief in, or hope for, policies that will fix anything?
  8. Welcome to #TheOccupation. Let us know how it went for you in 2 years (I don’t think he’ll last 4.)