Too Much Medium — a haiku
Zõmbïē Sølö

For years I was anxiously diligent about keeping my books as clean as possible even to the point of using bookmarks so I wouldn’t have to dog-ear the page corners. If I got a spot on a page from something I was eating or drinking I would even try to carefully eradicate the blotch. Then one day while camping a couple of my books got damaged with water and mud stains during a storm. I initially freaked out and planned to replace them when I got home. But they were the only books I had with me so I continued to read them. By the the end of the weekend I realized the stains didn’t detract from the pleasure or efficiency of reading them. It was a revelation. I now often use my books as casters.

Oh, and I write in them and highlight passages freely.

I don’t mean this to be dismissive of your poem. I’m just sayin…

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