Spread your petals! What we can learn from the growth of a flower

I was privileged to be at the Auckland launch of the movie FUTURE DREAMING featuring Dr David E Martin.

One portion of his story was the lesson from a flower

A flower recognises it is part of an ecosystem and knows it needs to make itself available in an authentic beautiful way. In expressing itself it attracts other forms of life to it, which have the ability to extract certain value such as food, security, and sanctuary. The flower gets pollinated enabling it to persist and regenerate so the next round of flowering can occur.

Make 2017 your year of the blossoming flower

The prayer of the flower might be “ make me so compellingly beautiful that the hummingbird, the butterfly and the bee find themselves a place to land on me. “

My invitation to you all as you step into 2017, is to spread your petals as wide as possible , letting every bit of light reflect on every surface of who you are….hiding nothing!!

From this position you have the capacity ( like the flower) to invite other life to participate and engage ….for whose purpose? Why everything in the system of course!!

I believe this is a game worth playing! ….for whose purpose? Why everything in the system of course!!

I believe in doing this we advance humankind! This is a game worth playing and one the universe is requiring of us now!

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