3 Things to Guarantee Success in Personal Blogging

People who start in personal blogging constantly get lost in the direction of their blog causing them to constantly be caught in between giving up and moving forward. Monetizing your blog is a great way to earn money, but not everyone makes it. Most bloggers remain in the “almost” popular section of the internet.

Every new blogger needs to redefine the meaning of their blog. Ultimately, what it means in their lives. It has to be defined at the beginning and constantly redefined as you progress because blogging will take a big chunk of your time. Most full time bloggers who became successful will tell you that it is going to be a tough journey.

However, I have noticed that information overload often causes a blogger to lose hope. Because of the abundant information online, applying all the tricks of the successful bloggers will cause nothing but feeling like a failure once you begin to notice things that it isn’t working for you.

Further, it can be hard to retain all the information in the tips and tricks given they are speaking technical language. That alone is an obstacle. Enrolling in a blogging coaching webinar can also cost you hundreds of dollars that will only get you started. It is not a total waste, but you need to understand that the success of your blog relies on you.

Here are 3 things to guarantee success in personal blogging that is served in a way that can easily be understood by people outside the blogging and content marketing profession.

1. Intention

Before you embark into an additional title after name as — a blogger, you first need to define what kind of blogger are you? More so, what kind of blog do you have? Blogs are divided into two main categories, business and personal. Business blogs and personal blogs are also subdivided into more categories. A personal travel blog for example, is totally different from a personal home DIY blog.

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The intention of the information you wish to share in your blog defines the purpose of your online presence. Truth is, this intention will play a great role in identifying whether there is a demand for your blog content. If there isn’t much, you need to forget monetizing your blog and let alone the joys of blogging as keeping an online diary.

2. Production

Content production is virtually impossible unless you were able to identify the things mentioned in number 1, your blog’s intention. Your blog’s content must always be aligned to what you truly intend to share. If you are a travel blog, posting something beyond the scope of your blog’s intention will definitely discourage visitors to come back. Especially if these posts are displayed on your blog feed.

3. Distribution

How and where you distribute your content is a concern only after you have sorted #1 and #2. Scavenging the internet for websites that can distribute your blog will acquire you nothing if your blog is empty. If not, if your blog has weak content and has no coherent posts talking about a particular topic.

Sharing in social media will not benefit your blog at its infancy. In fact, you will only be discouraged because there will be little to no activity at all. You first need to establish a good reputation before you expect visitors to like, share and engage with your blog. This is much like having a visitor in your house. You need to first clean your house and make it comfortable before asking anyone in.

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Consider this, in order for people to talk about your blog, you need to provoke them to talk about you. That is how information works online.

Keeping these 3 things in mind to guarantee success in personal blogging will take you a step further. These are the prerequisites you must ensure covered before expecting anything. When you begin to notice success, that will be the only time you must consider moving forward with other tips and tricks you find online.

If you have any questions about how to get started in the right direction. Do not hesitate to contact me.