Blogging Is a Sheer Waste of Time

If your goal is to instantly make money online, that title is truly meant for you. Not being pessimistic or negative about blogging. In fact, I find blogging really helpful and everyone should blog. For all the right reasons though and not alone to create a story of an overnight success.

See this post by Blog Tyrant and this one by Penelope Trunk. Those are two posts that speaks the truth about blogging without sugar coating anything.

You may be thinking I am just another blogger who lost hope. Nope, in fact I am one who encourages everyone to find hope in blogging. But not to make you an instant millionaire.

Blogging is a waste of time if you are completely focused on making money with your blog. If so, you would only be adding to the very saturated blogosphere of posts that are not truly meant to help anyone.

Blogging can be the very hurdle you must avoid

You probably have another job, if not and you are surviving, lucky for you. Blogging will definitely take a big chunk of your life. Time that can be used for other important stuff that might make actually lead you towards success.

Just because blogging is accessible to everyone does not make it the only way to make money online. There are prerequisites that you must consider, and ultimately, it is the ability to write. Actually, not just write, but the ability to write in a way you can attract readers while keeping SEO as another priority.

Writing alone can take you months and months of practice before you finally discover your voice and your style. So clearly, you are not opening the gates to the online riches immedaitely. Don’t be trapped into this thinking.

I blog because it is a big part of what I know. Because I am a content creator and ghostwriter for quite a few websites who reached mediocre success in the past. Recently, I am taking a new turn, yet if you notice, my website is still promoting my other services. In short, this blog is not directly the money maker.

You think you are unique?

One of the tools that is very important for bloggers is Google Search. I hope you have Googled your topics, and I doubt you find yourself to hold and know something that has not yet been published.

Truth is, someone in this planet is thinking of blogging exactly the same ideas that you have. Sadly, that someone might have a better network, have greater knowledge in SEO and exceptional content creation skills. There are millions of blog posts daily and that multiplies every single minute over the course of 24 hours.

Now if you believe you are unique, which I still believe that we all are. You have to learn how to translate that uniqueness into words, graphics or videos. Whatever the medium of communication you wish to use for your blog has to be aligned with that uniqueness. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

Quit blogging for the wrong reasons

From this point onwards try to focus your blog into a direction that aligns with another purpose. I am not saying you should totally drop the idea of blogging. I mean, focus more on what the blog can do for you.

Consider the following:

Blogging can enrich your current career.

If you truly want to exhibit your expertise in your field. Blogging can help you achieve that, not to make money directly from it but possibly increase your network and be known as a thought leader in your industry.

Blogging can definitely improve your writing

If you are truly devoted to writing and touching lives with the written word. Consider blogging as your initial step in making that happen. Using your blog as your journal can definitely improve your writing skills even if your blog attracts a very few audience, it can motivate you to write more.

Blogging is therapeutic

To take control of your thoughts is an ability that most people would assume they have. In fact they don’t. Mindfulness is probably one of the most important aspect of living that has been lost over time as our ancestors were better passing the idea of stress and chaos more than mindfulness. Blogging forces your mind to focus on one thought, as you go on writing, this thought expands and dissolves into paragraphs. It is an art that most people don’t believe exists. In reality, blogging is a way of calming the mind.

Blogging is not a waste of time only if it enriches you

If the time you spend in blogging helps you get more relaxed and focused. Even if you do not earn a dime from your blog it is worth it. Unless blogging is aligned to your life goals I do not see success happening to you now or in the future. Blogging is life-consuming and if you are not prepared for that, do not even dream of making money out of it.

Blogging is a great way for you to discover a greater sense of your existence online. Hopefully it also helps in defining your life’s purpose offline.