Everybody’s Got a Story to Blog About

But not everybody’s story is a hit.

Unless you are a big blogger, who can be called a celebrity in the blogosphere, not everybody is really interested of the stories you publish in your blog. You need to have the X factor that is simply acquired through luck in order to reach the heights of the bloggers you are idolizing.

Can you imagine how many people in this planet are blessed with exceptional writing skills? To think you are one of them is plain narcissistic. But should the fact that you suck at writing stop you from blogging? I doubt that.

If you pay serious attention to many blogs that gathered global attention, you will notice that none of them is the next Hemingway. Most are actually awaiting their book deals and using their blogs to catapult them to a certain height that might acquire attention from a publisher. Alright, let us be clear that I am talking about personal blogging here and not business blogging. To talk about your business through a blog is a sure way of getting attention from your business and it does benefit your brand so much. But personal blogging, for me, is a different thing, meaning your life is your brand.

Importance of personal branding

Establishing a strong personal brand can increase your blog’s potential to gather the eyes of your target audience all over the internet. In the digital world, you simply cannot be another face in the crowd. Face the fact that your story is probably another blogger’s story. How you carry your personal brand that will deliver the story in a unique way will be the huge difference that will set you apart from everybody else.

Personal branding also ensures that you stick to your long term goals. You would never be able to control how life unfolds, but you can control how to react to everything that is going on in your life. Having a vision much like how companies do, will ensure that you stay on track even storms hit you.

A strong personal brand will definitely keep you focused, especially if you wish to establish a blog based on your life experiences. Don’t just be another blog, be the blog that is coherently composed and designed to coherently define your personal brand.

Do you know who your blog readers are?

If you are blogging because you wish to communicate ideas to a particular audience, you need to know who they are. Unless your blog is a personal journal or an online diary, then I guess you shouldn’t be expecting a wide readership except a handful who acquired your URL directly from you.

However, if you are a blogger who wants to gain readership from strangers and you think your blog can offer something helpful to the public then you need to know who these people are. If not, you would be frustrated that no one comes to visit and read what you have to say.

Defining your target audience will make it easier to sell your story. But in the landscapes of the digital world, it isn’t easy to acquire a regular stream of loyal readership. How you achieve it relies totally on whether your brand is sellable or not. If you think it isn’t, redefine until you hit the right spot.

Keep in mind the importance of branding before you tell a story

The way you tell your story if not aligned with your brand will just be waste of your precious time. Not only will it give visitors an idea that your rambling but will ultimately affect your success. Being yourself is your best bet to successfully communicate your ideas to your readers. Being just another voice that sounds the same, will never get you anywhere except being the second best of someone who is probably just another second best of another.