How Bad Do You Want a Successful Blog?

You probably have not realized the difficulty in aligning with your idea of success upon setting up your blog. You got all your bases covered, learning to write better content and must’ve scavenge the whole internet for SEO tips. But things aren’t happening. Now you are faced with the question, “why are people not commenting or sharing my blog posts?”

The problem is probably not with you, not with your writing style, but probably on the nature of your blog. Every niche is very saturated now, millions of blog posts are published daily. Unless you have a great connection with influencers and who would take time to share your blog through social media, then your chances are very slim.

Even so, getting an invitation or approved to write for a guest post on some of the most influential blogs does not always guarantee success.

It is time to redefine your idea of a successful blog

Success in Search Traffic

If your idea of success is getting thousands of visitors by the hour through organic search traffic and you have just began blogging. Then you are very far from achieving that. Traffic through SEO is dependent on a lot factors, that includes the age of your blog.

Moreover, you need to really change your understanding about search engines. They are very similar to a librarian’s desk. What they do is only index submitted web pages that has been crawled and graded by their deployed bots.

What I am trying to say is that, for your blog to be indexed, someone’s had to be ticked off the current list. Ask yourself honestly, “is your blog content truly measuring up to those appearing in Google’s first page for them to consider replacing it with your page?”

Success in SEO takes time, you can ask everyone who has been blogging that it was never overnight, not a couple of weeks or a couple of months.

But once it kicks in, your ranking will be unstoppable and so will your traffic be. Meaning, it is not something to give up either.

Success in Social Media Traffic

How many content has gone viral but never really measured to the true meaning of success? There is no use to a viral content if it is inconvertible to leads and sales. Everyone today aims to go viral in social media hoping that it will lead to success in traffic coming from social media.

But everyone is always reminded that to get a steady social media traffic you need to have a steady social media presence. Meaning, you have to be active in social media as well. It is not 1 viral content that will make your entire web presence a sure shot. Daily activity is required to remain competitive.

Success in Traffic Through Guest Posting

You have probably seen so much on how guest posting can catapult your blog’s traffic. That is true, but you might have also experienced that it is not easy to be considered. The relevance of your content pitch is relative to being considered.

Furthermore, those high authority blogs have very high standards to even be considered for a guest post, some of them even respond in a rude way. This should not discourage you.

While guest posting can definitely help in sending traffic towards your website. It is not your primary option. You should always consider writing great content on your site, not for anyone else.

Keep your blog standards as high as possible. Who knows in time you might get an invite from other blogs to write for them. For now, focus on your blog.

How bad do you want a successful blog?

This must be answered relative to your idea of success. Everyone wants to earn directly from their blog, nonetheless, not everyone achieves that chance. Realign your idea of success whether blogging provides you joy. Are you happy when you blog? If you are, then it already served its primary purpose, leave money making as a possibility.

You can apply all the trickeries online distributed by blog gurus to ensure a money-making blog and still find no progress. Traffic and audience will come in time, but they will only arrive unless you have great content to offer.

If you think I can be of assistance in setting up and maintaining your blog. Please let me know.