How to Properly Shape Your Blog to Work

I have seen every marketing gimmick online. Luckily I have no money to try out every single eBook they try to sell me to commence the blogging miracles that will make me rich instantly.

But I have downloaded every single PDF sent by blogging gurus I subscribed to. If you are like me, you probably have thought it sounded much like their blog posts and always missing the secret sauce. I hope you haven’t subscribed to any webinar that led you to feel like you are wasting money.

I spend hours daily for months trying to decipher the newest tactic to blogging success. I always come back to the things I know have worked for those I worked with in the past. It is really impossible to find simple and reliable information today.

How do you shape a blog? The greatest among the hurdles a blogger face is creating a blog that aligns to a particular audience. Is that even possible? Are you feeling discouraged? Don’t!

Here are the reasons you can find joy in blogging again and feel motivated to keep on blogging until it finally works:

1. Be your number 1 fan

Being your number 1 fan does not mean you become full of yourself or take a narcissistic approach in blogging. Being your number one fan means you read your own material. When you read though, do not read it as the writer like proofreading and editing it.

Read it like how you would as an ordinary reader, detached from the creation process. It will take time to master, but when you do, ask yourself and be honest, “is it really the type of content that would encourage you to continue being a fan?” If not, realign your efforts.

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2. Quit the idea of monetizing

How long have you been blogging? If you have been blogging for over 3 years, then it really is about time to monetize. However, monetizing is also relative to the nature of your blog and the industry it is based upon.

If there is no demand for blogs like yours, forget about it. Also consider if your target audience are the ones who have money to spend online. How will you monetize if your target are those who don’t spend at all? I doubt even affiliate advertising would work. is an example. How would I monetize if I am blogging for people who wants to blog and targeting those who wants to save money and wish to stray from spending another dime? Pointless right?

Quit the idea of monetizing if you are new. Believe me, someone is thinking the exact same thing that you are thinking of and probably have a better idea to do it. I am not being pessimistic here. All I am trying to say is make sure that you are blogging because it makes you happy. I don’t see why you are if it does not help you in anyway.

Blogging is a great way for you to learn about yourself, learn about your business if it is a business blog and more importantly, can be very therapeutic because it allows expression of creativity.

3. Be yourself

Being genuine might not attract as many great compliments that you would expect. It is frightening to open every single thought to an online audience. They will have access to your content 24/7. But that is one of the beauty of a blog. It gets you people who will criticize you, annoy you and make you tougher. Prepare yourself to not always be accepted and your knowledge will be challenged. It will help you grow, not just your blog but in greater sense, as a person.

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Write as conversational as possible, you do not need to always follow any mandatory journalism guidelines. Unless that is what your blog is all about. It will make you feel more relaxed about your blog’s progress if you learn to write in ease.

Being yourself also gives way to being unique. Because no matter the fact that what you are to say have been said many times and many ways, how you will say it will be different if it is coming directly from your own perspective.

4. Build your network

Those who have just started blogging for a few months should not give up on this. Building your network does not confine you from trying to send a guest post pitch to all popular blogs. In fact, building you networks in social media as simple as Twitter, can be very helpful.

Furthermore, building your network by truly reading blogs of the same nature as yours and genuinely comment can bring you great advantage in the long run.

Just keep on building a network even how tiny your circle is right now. Eventually you will get there. You see, blogging requires a buffer of time to before you see the tiniest hints of success. Use this buffer to develop and learn from those similar to you. Reap the benefits later by proving you can do better.

5. Revisit that first day why you want to blog

Remember that time before purchasing that domain name and signing up for hosting? If you are using a free blogging website, go back to why you choose your current username. Keep on coming back to that time when you were so inspired and forget about the current hurdles you are facing.

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It will resolve itself, just blog and be creative. The easier content production is, the easier everything will fall into place. Blog because of the knowledge you wish to share and the possibility of earning from it.

So what I am saying above is for your blog to work for you, not really to work and unlock the gates of online riches. There is no such thing unless your blog works for you first.

You need to feel good after a blog post. While writing is definitely a tedious task, you need to find great relief and joy after having written. When you can find that place, everything will fall in their right places. You will begin to notice better things happening and luckily, start making money out of the blog directly. But until you can genuinely say you enjoy blogging, there will only be stress on your way.

I help struggling bloggers reach their dreams. If you think I can assist you, please let me know by contacting me.

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