Is Being a Blogger a Wise Career Choice?

YES and NO

Let us start with the NO

Writing is among the jobs in the world that is time consuming. If you can find another job that you think will prevent you from starving, then keep that job and start blogging on the side. Yet, you should be warned, it will definitely take a lot of hard work to balance that.

I react negatively on “blog now get rich tomorrow” marketing gimmicks. Not because I am not earning with this startup blog I started, but because I have seen the struggles of people and companies I ghost bloggedfor in the past.

To get your blog going, you need to devote at least 3–5 hours of your time daily. If you have a full time job, I doubt you can find that time unless you have a laidback office where your employer doesn’t mind you playing with the word processor doing “outside work besides your what you are hired for”.

I reached a mediocre success in ghost writing before and felt it is all I will ever need. I never actually realized that one day I would struggle in establishing my own brand, or become a blogger again.

Don’t be a blogger if you consider it to be your primary source of income. Especially if you have a family who relies on your monthly pay check. It breaks my heart reading people’s stories on how they thought they can make it and was scammed by some marketing gimmicks.

I hope this post reaches out to whoever is tempted to enroll in a thousand-dollar program who promises fortune after 30 days from blogging alone.

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Blogging requires hard work and dedication to content creation, that alone is an agonizing journey. Content promotion is yet another agonizing journey that you have to be prepared for.

To think you can outrank every blog in the world in Google within few months is delusional. Anyone who makes you think like that while asking for money, is a fraud.

Do I sound negative? I am sorry for being honest. But jump to the next section and be inspired.

Let’s close with a YES!

No other form of digital marketing can drive a business towards success more than a blog. If you have an existing business, employing blog as an avenue to raise brand awareness is a sure win. Blogs can definitely increase sales by speaking about your product and services beyond what conventional advertising can achieve.

If you don’t have an existing business and you want your blog to be your business. Consider brainstorming about a possible service that you can offer. To expect earning just because they viewed your page will not take you anywhere. Affiliate marketing programs are also not worth it, unless you can get into affiliate programs that are high paying. However, high paying affiliate marketing companies are quite picky. They won’t allow you to get into a program unless you are an established site with steady traffic.

Make blogging as your career because you can devote your time. I have noticed very successful bloggers to fall on either two ends of the pole, but hardly in between. You have no money and blogging is the only possibility of bouncing and if you have a lot of money and blogging is your passion.

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If you can write, please blog even without money involved. If writing is your passion, I don’t see why you are still not blogging. Blogging is the best way for writers to promote their work, either a book an essay or an eBook.

Blogging can find you a career, maybe not as a blogger. A speaker perhaps or something else. That is the beauty of blogging, it opens doors and allow us to cast a wider net to network our personal brands. I hope this article helps in illuminating the question about whether or not it is a good career choice.