Should Your Business Hire a Blogger?

Yes, Your Business Should.

Most digital marketing strategist and content marketing experts would agree that your business should be blogging. Nonetheless, I can assure you that there will be a great argument whether you should hire a blogger or not. Hiring a blogger does not necessarily mean that you are hiring a ghost blogger (ghost writer).

Employing a blogger does not have to go through under your name, it can be a totally different person within your business who will author posts on your blog. You can hire someone who can be seen as the author while you maintain being the thought leader within your business.

Hire a blogger for all the right reasons, especially if you do not have the time to run your business and then blog about it. A blogger who is directly informed of the business logistics, news and important information that may be publicly released will definitely help you big time.

Your business should be blogging. The reasons are:

Blogging is very inexpensive

You probably already have a functional and live website, setting up a blog section under your website will cost you nothing. Meaning you do not need a new web hosting account. In fact, you can do it yourself. If you hire a blogger with advanced skills, they would know how to setup the blog within your existing web host under your domain name. So it absolutely costs you nothing.

If you decide to blog on your own, get started by blogging daily. Short posts will suffice just to get your blog going. You will develop the blogging skills needed as time goes by.

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Nonetheless, another powerful advantage of hiring a blogger is you can be assured of a steady stream of posts. Because your blogger’s time will only be dedicated to creating relevant business posts. Most bloggers can guarantee long-form content that will make you shine in search results.

Blogging will help you cut through the noise

You may have just heard of it recently that is why you begin to look into things. Blogging can redefine your business marketing in advantageous ways. The greatest among the advantages is cutting through the noise. You can create a greater impact in brand awareness among your target audience using a blog as the voice of your company. Further, you can use your blog to consistently keep your customers updated in terms of what is going with the business.

Being consistent in blogging builds trust and your business will easily be thought of as a leader in the market and not just another brand. People prefer to buy from experts.

Employing a business blogger will help reduce your worries in consistently creating relevant business content that can deliver results. Business bloggers that are well informed about your industry can easily modify, create or edit a possible source of content coming directly from you. Consider taking advantage of the marketing value of a blog.

Establish authority

A blog is a great way for your business to exhibit your knowledge in the market. Your customers will definitely enjoy the fact that they are buying a product or service from someone who is well informed. Share product or service relevant information to your readers, they would enjoy that. In turn it will definitely help increase conversion.

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The only problem you might encounter at first is finding the right voice in writing. How you write from the customers’ point of view matters. Consider hiring bloggers who have experience in establishing this type of blogger-reader relationship.

Blogging improves your SEO

The benefit of blogging in terms of diverting traffic towards a website from organic searches is undeniable. Consider looking at big companies and notice how they have ramped up their blogging efforts. The reason behind this is because they knew well that blogging not only improves customer relations. Ultimately blogging can help you get found.

Every post you publish is an additional page that search engine bots index. Blogging also helps you achieve the freshness factor that is a metric in ranking. Over time, search engines like Google have been rolling out this information that a factor in ranking is producing relevant and fresh content. That is hardly established by your website’s static pages. Only a blog can solve this problem for you.

If you employ a blogger with great SEO skills, it will only take a short time before you gain dominance in your market.

If you think I can be your blogger, let me know. I enjoy collaborating with businesses who needs to establish a stronger online brand.