Starting A Fashion Blog That Goes Viral

I was spending a little too much time on recently. I just recently started my profile and began answering questions. I find Quora as a good place to really deliver useful information out there, plus it’s a great way to get good backlinks.

I bumped with the question “How to start a successful fashion and makeup blog?” I readily answered it because I have an experience with my old (no longer mine) website, That actually did not meet any signs of success. But as always, I like to draw much of my expertise in my failures.

So I answered that question and then as I go along, I bump with similar questions all coming from different people. It appears that there are a lot younger bloggers wish to become famous by blogging about fashion.

Is fashion blogging still a feasible niche to be successful in?

In the broader sense, every niche is saturated today, from plumbing to fashion. Cutting through the noise when there are blogging giants walking around is an intimidating thought. Nonetheless, if blogging is at the core of your hobbies, aspiring to be famous in whatever niche is not such a bad idea.

The success of fashion bloggers is really quite something to emulate. They get free stuff that somebody would normally have to work their asses off just to buy. Fashion and beauty industry are among the biggest multi-billion industry the world has ever known.

People who were off the mainstream fashion editorial tapped into a rich vein of consumers who were craving for something different. That is when the rise of fashion, makeup and beauty blogs begin to dominate the internet.

In short, the digital ecosystem is an ever changing landscape, becoming one of the industry players will require devotion. However, once you are in, you are in. Things become easier as you go by.

Please forget about going viral

I stress this plea all the time in my posts when I talk about blogging. Whatever market you wish to tap into through blogging, drop the idea of becoming viral. Becoming viral is a possibility.

Unless you are among the questionable Kardashians or Perez Hilton is constantly checking you out, becoming viral is hardly a possibility.

As you continue to aim for a viral content, you miss out on creating quality content that will contribute to your strong online assets. Quality, timeless content will give you a longer career as a fashion blogger than a single viral content that might be forgotten in a week.

If you truly want a successful fashion blog, act on the following now:

1. Your own domain name and hosting

Secure your primary digital asset, that is your online brand. The best way to do that is get yourself a .com .net or any other top domain names. Next, secure a safe and efficient hosting plan.

I know you can blog using free platforms, well if you want to just play around, go ahead and sign up for free blogging platforms. If you want to be successful, and by that meaning reaching a broader readership as you monetize your website, do what I mentioned previously.

Free blogging service have their perks, but in free services you are not able to publish and run ads or extend the functionality of your blog. There are plenty of functionality required to generate readership. That’s not really a wise move for someone who wants to be famous right?

When you have hosting and domain set, install WordPress and don’t have second thoughts, just use WordPress as your blogging platform.

2. Start writing your goals

Your blog must exactly encapsulate your vision of success. Your blog’s design, behavior and content must all align with your goals. Okay so your long-term goal is success, that is validated by becoming famous right?

Nonetheless when you write your goals you need to dive into the specifics. That will clearly define success on your own terms. The word success and famous are vague and relative to an individual. I can define success as having about 100 loyal readers of my blog, I can say I am famous when I reach that.

But that might totally sound insane for you right? Hence, you need to be specific.

3. Research about your target audience

Who do you want to read your blog? Research about them. Knowing who your target audience are will allow you to write content that clicks. Without knowledge of who your readers are, you will always feel lost in content creation and content distribution.

4. Content creation

Create timeless content. Focus more on content that lasts. Fashion is a dynamic industry, new things are released every single day. Nonetheless, create timeless content that will be the backbone of your blog. Content that speaks about the industry regardless of time.

For example, a new lipstick came out, it is called Lipstick666, it is matte and shade of pale rose. Do not blog about it as it is. Be creative and write about this very particular lipstick like it is timeless. For example, “Why Pale Matte Lipsticks Can Go With Every Skin Color”. I know that headline sucks, but that is just an example, what I am trying to point out is that even Lipstick666 is out of the market and no longer famous, your blog’s content might still show up in search results.

Months or years later when someone search for Pale Matte Lipsticks, you may still show up. Those are the type of content that generates valuable traffic. Within that article you can talk about the specific lipstick brand and review it.

5. Content Distribution

To be a famous fashion blogger you need to know where other famous fashion bloggers distribute their content. Beyond social media, which is an obvious platform that you need to be highly active in. You need to learn where you must submit blog posts and have your blog listed.

Without proper distribution channels, your content will only fall into deaf ears and blind eyes. This might take time before the coin drops. You will have plenty of trial and errors in this phase. But this is important to divert traffic to your blog and among SEO essentials too.

Attempting to guest post in famous fashion blogs might get you rejected a few times, injure our blogging dreams and never again login your blog and just let it dissolve. Don’t give up easily. Try guest posting on smaller fashion blogs, or submitting articles to fashion eZines.

Of course, social media distribution is among your priority as well. Don’t be in every social media platform though, just the one’s where your target audience are. Being in every channel will tire you greatly.

6. Always be original

Do not be just another fashion blogger. Be original. In this time and age, it is easy to get lost among the usual crowd. Nonetheless, if you stick with your style, you might have the chance of shining as you. This is my problem when I started, I thought I can get by with just taking things lightly and from a blog I turned it into a beauty and fashion article distribution website. Everything became chaotic and I myself don’t seem to be of any importance anymore in the whole content of the site.

Be you, be the awesome fashionista that you are and who knows, you might become the next big thing in fashion blogging. Good luck!

If you need help getting started with your fashion blog, please let me know.