What New Bloggers Really Need to Know

There is a little bit of truth in that. But new bloggers need to focus their research more about their niche and audience and not on other stuff. Again, there is value in getting high volume of traffic of course. But the reason I ask new bloggers to stay away from reading too much and applying tips and trickeries from other blogs is because it will confuse them. Confusion can break their natural momentum and might lead to eventual loss of blogging interest.

The marketing gimmicks

Let us be honest. How many among the blogs in the blogosphere who teaches new bloggers are truly doing it not for the money? They all talk the same in the long run, they would ask for your email to send you free PDFs promising to expose the secret to 100,000 visitors.

But there is always something missing, the secret sauce. That very secret that will truly unlock your blogging potential that they were able to discover themselves. But of course that secret sauce is expensive.

They cast a wide net among normal people whose primary intention was to write and maybe a little exposure. In reality when you stumble upon them it is really tempting, why wouldn’t you want to earn $50,000 to $100,000?

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New bloggers, whose intentions are truly based upon the will to share knowledge through their writing skills in hopes of improving other people, must stay away from reading too much from these people. They will get into your head, next thing you know is that you are switching web hosting and paying extra or buying an eBook that is just a repurposed content from their blog which is free to begin with.

Stop. Just focus on researching about your readers, what they want and reach a target of published articles. Say for example, give yourself 1 week break after reaching 50 blog posts.

The secret sauce

The secret to acquiring readership is time and promotion, and you do not need to buy promotion. I heard stories of people who started blogging, quitting their jobs because of the promised wealth and then eventually owing more money to pay some “blog gurus” who will teach them another secret to marketing.

Seriously, you buy the secret sauce to blogging success and that still does not include the much more valuable secret to marketing success? This is plain !@#$%^&*.

I just wish we all subscribe to mentors who are not only qualified but also not aiming to turn the innocent public into cash cows.

The Google karma

Google will reward you with a good standing on ranking. But this requires hard work on your part. That which cannot be obtained from subscribing in very expensive webinars.

Hard work to acquire positive Google karma includes:

  1. Production of strong original content
  2. Produce as many posts as you possibly can without compromising quality
  3. Stray away from linking to refutable websites
  4. Mobile friendly web pages
  5. Promotion through social media

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If you get these five covered during the infancy of your blog. Doors will open, probably an invitation to guest post or you can easily pitch for a guest post. Which is what I am going to tackle next.

Guest posting

Blogs with very high traffic will not easily accept guest blogging pitch. Let us be serious, before you listen to the somewhat insane advice floating around the internet about the benefits of guest posting, consider this first.

Usually, guest post pitches coming only from bloggers with a fair number of followers will be accepted? Why? Because they would also consider popularity of their guest authors. Now, if your blog is a month or two old. Don’t be insane and stop wasting your time and just get frustrated because you are rejected.

Influential websites also consider the volume and quality of your content within your blog. So, if you have low in volume and poor in quality. Don’t expect good responses. The key message here is, first work on the blog you wish to promote through guest posting and don’t aim for the traffic coming from guest posting then eventually point them somewhere that needs a lot of work.

Work on your blog, work for yourself, traffic will improve. It will really take time, don’t spend money thinking it will expedite the process. Besides, traffic is only valuable if you have a product or service being offered in your blog that needs to be sold now. Otherwise, find the pleasure of just publishing, with hopes you gain a few subscribers. At this point, there is much learning and collaboration to do with other bloggers that you need to focus on.