What Small Businesses Should Blog

To remain competitive in today’s market, small businesses should prioritize blogging over other forms of digital marketing. Owning a blog but not consistent with publishing does not really serve your business well. Nonetheless, preferred than that is having no blog at all.

Often small business owners who setup a blog arrives at a spot where they think they ran out of topics to blog about. This simply is not true.

There are plenty of things that you should be blogging about. Business blogging is not confined to keeping a log on some important key areas of your business. In fact, customers are often not interested on that side of your business.

So what should a small business owner be blogging about? Here are some tips:

Solve a problem

Your blog is a great way for you to enhance customer service. There are a lot of topics you can individually cover in a blog about your product or services.

Every post you publish that solves a problem must be categorized under one category. This can be the hub for your customers who are experiencing issues with your business.

Create How-to posts

Almost similar to solving problems, posts falling under this category can be used for instructional purposes. Having this section on your blog will enhance how you deal with your customers.

Sharing your knowledge in a blog will create a great impression among your audience that you are indeed an authority in your market.

Promote Products

Blogs are a great way to promote your products in a conversation and avoid hard selling. While you tackle issues that are commonly experienced by prospective or current customers you can include hints of promoting your services or products that can help them.

Use your blog to talk about these issues and show that you care while you include subtle hints of promotion.

Share Industry-Related News

Consumers love to hear news from industry experts. As you blog, you establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry. If you include news and current trends about your industry in your blog, the greater you will be perceived as someone who is truly knowledgeable. This enhances your reputation among consumers.

Spark a Discussion

Note topics that matter to your target audience. Create blog posts that encourages further conversations or discussions. Posts that encourage your audience to participate will boost your online presence. Blog posts length do not necessarily have to be long. Short posts that present ideas that can be further talked about is a great way to hear from your customers.

These are just common things that you can look into when creating blog posts. The next time you feel like there is nothing to blog about anymore, look into it this and you will never run out of topics.

In blogging, repeating a topic several times in different blog posts does not necessarily mean being redundant. In fact, it can do your SEO good because you added a new page for search engines to index. You can talk about a particular topic many times but in different ways.

If you think I can help your business blog, please let me know.