Why Profitable Blogging Niches Doesn’t Really Matter

You can do all the research you want about profitable blogging niches of 2016. You can get the best hosting plan and spend thousands of dollars on promotion. By the same time in 2017, things may look ugly for you. You may start to realize that the time and money you spent does not even break even with the profits you made. By that time, you might have the tendency to sell the blog or just abandon it.

There will be a few people arguing the scenario above. But to be honest it comprises most of blogging stories that are untold. Of course, we only get to read the happy yet polished stories of successful millionaires.

The main motivation why I am writing this is because I spend hours answering questions in various websites. I always encounter the question “what is the most profitable blogging niches to make money from blogging?”

The secondary motivation I am writing this is because I was once a very stupid blogger, 2011 I think is when I bought more than 30 domain names that are niche specific and thought I can make money out of every single one of them. Today, I am brave enough to share how I am stupid.

What are profitable blogging niches?

Finance, stocks, mobile gadgets, loans, digital cameras are among the top. Some even call them evergreen blogging niches. But that does not really mean you can make money out of them.

Intrinsic Blogging Motivation

Something must motivate you to write. Writing is among the skills that is really not easy, and to top that, among those activities that is hard to keep up with. Even the best writer’s the world has known have timely writer’s block.

To blog means someone is motivated with the end result. Which are either of the two:

  1. To feel good for having written, with no intentions to monetize at all.
  2. To blog purely for money.

To be honest, when I write for someone else I am wired on #2. If I am writing for my own brand, I am tapped in #1.

I find #1 the easiest. I can write roughly about 4 blog posts all ranging from 1000–2000 words if I am intrinsically motivated.

I can only write about 3 articles ranging 500–800 words if I am extrinsically motivated.

The difference is wide and clear. It is easier to write on a topic that is naturally what you like. Now even if there is bucketful of money on blogging about finance and gadgets, it will definitely result to a struggle, the very struggle that will result to quitting.

Bloggers really need to put this into consideration, while creating content may seem easy, time and experience will tell you otherwise. That is why intrinsically motivated blogging will most likely take you to success.

That rules out whether or not you have chosen a market that is among the top profitable niches in the blogosphere.

Maybe I am wrong, my experience as a content writer may not speak for the majority.