Why Startup Websites Need a Content Writer

Taking cue from the most successful business in the planet, you will be prompted that you need to have great amount of strong content in your website. Nonetheless, since you are just starting your business, you might dispose this idea for later execution. This is probably the biggest mistake of startup websites.

You do understand that your website cannot stand alone with just coding and functionality, right? Even if you are developing a web app for users to use, you need a fair amount of content descriptive of your project and developments.

There is no doubt you are the only one who understands your business from the inside out. But in the very same light, you have to admit you don’t have time or skills to create a steady stream of content either for your business blog or for necessary static pages.

While you can ramble in lengthy conversation about your business how well you know it. It is about time consider bringing in a professional content writer at this early stage of your startup websites.

These are the reasons why:

1. Creation of Engaging Content

Professional content writers understand the attention span of online consumers. You may be surprised that your visitors won’t actually pay attention to every single word you publish on your website. Not that they are not interested, but simply not the same interest as you would be being the business owner.

Modern online consumers’ attention span with online materials is not the same as it was years ago. Various writing techniques need to be applied to ensured that their engagement.

Content writers specializing in startup websites understand consumer behavior for various businesses. Moreover, they are well versed in mapping a through plan to create compelling content for your target audience.

2. Telling Stories

Your portal to sales, conversion and brand awareness is your website. Owning a website is the only way for a business to be competitive in today’s market. However, the strength of social media is becoming, it remains true that without a website, there is no use for social media marketing for there is no direct way to point them to a portal where you can enhance brand awareness that hopefully leads to conversion.

Your website, besides being the sales and conversion portal, has to tell a story. As the business owner, there is no doubt you can tell this story. Nonetheless, not in a way to engage with the online crowd.

Admitting at the early stages of your startup websites’ launch that you are not a story teller and you need a writer is probably one of the best moves you can contribute to your growth.

3. Neutral Take on Things

As a business owner, you have a deeper attachment on your business than anyone on your team. It is undeniable that you believe the strength of your product or services. Writing this way will not engage potential audience. If you have no writing experience, you may start to sound pushy on sales or bragging about your successes. This can take your startup websites to crumble faster as it loses online reputation.

Content writers are efficient in creating a material published on a neutral stance while ensuring placement of sales pitch within your material to engage the customer to take action. This is a skill that only content writers have and usually missing from business owners.

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An efficient content writer though will not create a message out of the blue. Expect collaboration for this is the only way they can translate your messages in a creative way appropriate for your target audience.

4. Efficiency in Planning

Truth be told, most startup websites delay their launch because of holdups with the content. Discarding the idea of hiring a content writer who will work independently on your startup websites’ content might cost you a delay.

For most business owners taking the responsibility of writing their own website content, they get stuck in the pit of not having enough time while pushing content writing as least important.

If you need your content written on time, distributed or published on time on a regular basis, there is no other way but to hire a content writer who will work independently outside your team’s operation.

Content writers specializing in various writing formats, can create your website content faster than you can or anyone on your team who have no background in web writing.

5. Industry Know-how

You may think that hiring or outsourcing your content needs to a content writer will result to weak content. You are gravely mistaken. Unless you outsource content creation to someone who have no experience. In many cases, even writers overseas can write for various types of audience. Although someone with a greater background and more advanced skills in online writing might charge a little higher, it still saves you time and money compared to the delay and headaches it might incur.

Content writers have an arsenal of tools to do their research and content creation. Often, they might be the one suggesting more than a business owner instructing.

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Content is an integral part of all startup websites. Hiring a content writer can ensure your deadlines are met and your website launch not delayed.

If you think I can support your startups websites’ content creation and planning. Don’t hesitate to contact me. I can give you very valuable tips on how to get started in the right direction.