Why You Should Never Stop Writing a Blog Post

You must have seen quite a lot of articles saying you should stop writing a blog post and start focusing on other aspects of digital marketing to ensure your blog’s success.

There is truth in that, but before you start believing everything that your guru is telling you, first look at how may blog posts you have actually published. You may be blogging weekly, means you probably have about 4 published posts a month.

That will equal to 48 blog posts in a year. Honestly, do you think that would be enough to entice a reader or a visitor to come back?

48 blog posts do not seem like a big number to truly exhibit your knowledge. Let us agree that once you stop focusing on your content, you’re doomed!

You have to lay the foundations of your blog properly before you even dream of marketing your blog full time.

Blogging gurus are often just bragging

They do not properly fill you in with the information how they dealt with time buffer before success. Often it is only the success we see and we become eager to have a taste of their secret sauce that might also make our pockets fat.

You need to use your common sense though. The reason blogging gurus offering courses talk this way is not only because they were already able to reach success, but also in defense of their failures.

Can you point me to a blog that only have 12 posts and made a million bucks? I’m eager to see if that exists. Part of the marketing gimmicks online to have you sign up to an online course is to make you believe it is easy to blog, that blogging doesn’t require time. Sadly, blogging requires time, a lot of it.

No time spent in content creation is a waste of time

From this point onwards, I think you have to agree with me that blogging is an art form. It is the art of delivering information in the digital age.

It is not blogging the makes money. It is the information or topic delivered through blogging that is the true money maker.

If there is no demand for a particular information, then there is no luck in converting the blog into a cash cow.

In the very same sense we can say, inadequate delivery of information will mean no future in making money out of the blog.

In short, every minute spent on content creation to contribute to the blog is a valuable investment.

You need to publish A LOT of posts

Not for SEO. While there is truth that an additional post is another page for search engines to index, there is something more important that people are missing out.

Every post you publish is an exhibition of your knowledge about you’re your chosen topic. That is what blogging is all about.

Say for example you are blogging about love and relationships. You only have 10 entries on your blog and talking about 1 short relationship you were involved in. You think people want to come back and read more?

You can be redundant about a topic, so who cares, that page is another separate page in Google anyway. Readers don’t go to your blog comparing every single post to another. Say Neil Patel for example, isn’t he blogging and talking about almost the very same tips and tricks on multiple posts?

But the reason we believe Neil Patel, or I believe in Neil Patel, is because he can talk about the topic in various posts. He leaves an impression to everyone who visits his blog that he really knows what he is talking about. An expert that is what he is.

Would you consider someone who only have 10 posts on love and relationship to be an expert? I highly doubt it.

New posts spark new ideas

I get most of my new ideas for topics when I write. It is because the amount of research required on some topics is just overwhelming. Instead of feeling burnt out I consider the research process as a learning process. Once I stumble upon something that I think needs further discussion I take note of it and make it my new topic for an entry.

This is how I unpack knowledge and information for my readers. You may be very few and silent now, but still, I see it as the best way to do things.

In other words, if I stop writing and focus on marketing at the infancy of my blog, then I wouldn’t be able to expand a particular topic to a broader sense and communicate with my readers. Do not lose the whole point of publishing a blog, communication and conversation.


Do not stop creating content. Keep on writing a new post, it is the very process the makes blogging worthwhile. I would say, you can focus less on content creation when you have about 500 or more posts ready for your readers to discover.

What is the point of marketing if there is nothing to be marketed? So don’t be silly and use your common sense before spending hundreds of dollars on yet another online course that will teach you the secrets of blogging success. Write, blog, create!