Will Social Media Eventually Be More Important Than SEO?

With the constant changes in the landscapes of Digital Marketing. It is hard to dispose a long list of questions regarding the future of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.

Google has been dominating the internet for decades as the best search engine known to man.

Social Media’s approach to driving traffic towards a website is different than Google. But ultimately brands have to also be well exposed in social media if they wish to engage well with their customers.

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In my own opinion, best we integrate both social media marketing and search engine optimization in our content creation. In this way we serve more engaging content to people looking for us across all channels of the web.

Furthermore, recently it is very obvious that Google has been paying close attention to the behavior of website content and links in social media channels. Whether it directly affects ranking or not, is a myth that hasn’t yet been debunked by experts, nor admitted by Google.

Keywords are not of a major importance anymore

Keywords are important otherwise it would be virtually impossible for the content to be indexed or discovered. Nonetheless, their usage changed. Meaning with Google’s AI advancing further, a published content no longer has to rely on keyword stuffing and exact keyword match. In fact, keyword stuffing may incur your website penalties.

Are keywords important in Social Media?

They definitely are, social media search also relies on a similar algorithm process employed by Google. While the behavior of their bots are not about crawling the entire web and relying on outbound and inbound links.

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Social media’s reach to consumers is totally different. Hence, the likes and shares play a very important role to gather more impressions.

Impressions of your page or content in social media channels is a key player in your brand’s popularity. Social media’s promotion of content is not keyword based though and definitely not dependent on indexing and ranking for a particular spot in results. Social media’s game in content distribution relies popularity and trends.

Ultimately, meaning that you need regular stream of content to engage with your customers in social media. The only way for this content to be discovered is through keywords and hashtags.

SEO vs Social Media

To think of these two marketing platforms as opponents will not serve any marketer or blogger any good. In fact, we need to consider both of them as indirectly related to each other. Serving content consumers across the internet.

Social media takes a more personal approach because it has the ability to create impact among groups of friends, families and communities. Meaning if your content is shared by a family and friends the greater its impact on the reader.

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However, search engines as the primary tool used by everyone when looking for information and products takes a more individual approach. Meaning, those who uses search engines are truly looking for something in particular.

If that is related to your business, then you have to make an effort to cut through the noise and optimize your pages to be visible.


Social Media Marketing and Search Marketing are two different things with similar goals in marketing, that is to engage with consumers and eventually lead to conversion.

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Optimizing with social media takes a different approach than in search engine optimization. If you think I can help in any way to improve your search engine optimization or aid in creating content for your social media efforts. Please let me know.