This is Why You Should Reject your New Stupid Idea
Abhishek Chakraborty

Apologies, but I respectfully disagree. Yes, there are too many companies that shouldn’t exist, and I do agree that founders should think hard about whether a company is really required to build “product X” (and, hopefully, not “feature X”). But that said, letting people follow their dream and learning from their mistakes is part of life. As long as no children are harmed, or laws broken, then who are we to tell them what to do. For all we know those ideas could morph into something transformative.

Your point about being considerate to the people that will leave their day jobs, is an interesting one. Everyone should understand the risks of a startup. Nonetheless, founders do have a morale obligation to be transparent about the risk involved in joining. If founders try to deceive people by telling them it’s a sure thing, then shame on those founders and I would join you in your comment. Otherwise, people should be held accountable for their own decisions.


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