5 Secrets of Design thinking

EMPATHIZE: Empathy is the centerpiece of a human-centered design process. There are three key words that will help you empathize, and they are observe, engage, and immerse. One must OBSERVE individuals and their behavior in the context of their lives. Then you have to ENGAGE with the individuals, this should be an interview with the feel of a normal conversation. Finally you must IMMERSE yourself into what the individuals might be experiencing.

DEFINE: The design process is all about bringing clarity and focus to the design space. It is your chance as a design thinker to define the challenge you are taking on, based on what you have learned about your user and about the context.

IDEATE: Ideate is the mode of the design process in which you concentrate on idea generation. Ideation provides both the fuel and also the source material for building prototypes.

PROTOTYPE: This is the part of the process where you take your ideas and make them a reality. This is trial by error, you make your ideas a reality but find the flaws in your ideas and make the tweaks to fix your flaws.

TEST: This is the last part of the process, in this part of the process you have a near finished idea or product and from there you analysis the results/feedback to determine if your idea is worth pursuing and going forward with or going back to the drawing board.

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