The 80’s, Lingerie, and Growing Up

I wrote a column for a newspaper years ago. I also submitted it to Donald Miller’s Burnside Writer’s collective, but I can’t remember if they posted it or not. It was all about how growing up, watching TV, in the 80’s created a certain degree of expectation in my adolescent mind around married life and lingerie. In the 80’s on every show, be it drama or sitcom, women lounged around the house in lingerie. So, I grew up, assuming, expecting that my wife would one day get home from work and retire to the bedroom to slip into something more comfortable — and that thing would be a nightie, a camisole, or one of those one-piece numbers, complimented by a see-through robe and a string of pearls.

Adult life has been full of shocking realizations about the rose-colored views of childhood. Of course, with more mature expectations also comes empathy. As much as I’d love for Sara to traipse around the house decked out like Liz Collins, I value her comfort more than 12 year old me would have. I also value her as a walking, talking, all-singing, all-dancing, real life person instead of a clothing mannequin, put in my life to keep me entertained.

So here’s to the bygone hopes of youth. Here’s the 80’s sitcom producers working out their kinks in primetime. We don’t live in a world of casual lingerie wear. But those naive, day-glow days probably never could have imagined yoga pants at the grocery store. We get the future we deserve.