The Thing You Need To Hustle

I’m talking about me. Maybe you. Probably you. But mostly me.

Talking about hustling is really popular these days. I think we can all blame/thank Gary Vee, right? He’s the guy who made words like, “hustle,” and “grind” popular, right?

Hustling is basically working hard. Nose to the grindstone. It’s really popular language among entrepreneurs and entrepreneur wannabes because it illustrates the mindset and work ethic that are necessary to make a small business or a large business run. Success, to some folks, seems to always be the result of hustling.

But the fact is, you can’t hustle all the time. Hustling all the time, never resting, sounds romantic and the right kind of nuts. It makes you seem possessed and driven.

I’ll sign off on the nuts part, at least. You know what makes you a good hustler? Rest. I know. It’s not popular. Gary Vee may even disagree. And he’s a millionaire, so maybe listen to him.

But here’s what I think. What is pretty hard to argue with, outside of anecdotes: You can hustle two days in a row, without rest. But, on the third day, you’re not hustling. You‘re half-assing it. Because no matter how dedicated you are, your body is made to operate at peak efficiency only if it gets rest.

I’m not saying to take every third day off. I think you can effectively work 5, 6, or 7 days a week if you’re getting plenty of sleep. I think if you treat your body the way it was made to be treated, it will hustle all that better.

I’m not speaking out against being tired. We’re all tired. Single mothers and small business owners are the most tired of all.

And those are two pretty important jobs. So, maybe get some rest?

“But you don’t understand…,” you say! Maybe. Maybe my business would be more successful than it is if I didn’t listen to my body. Maybe that third day of less than stellar, exhausted, foggy-brained hustle is the thing keeping me from the stratosphere. But I kinda doubt it. I’m perfectly open to being proven wrong, though.

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