The Significant Startup Blueprint (read the prelude) is made of two main parts, the Founder and the Startup. The Founder and the Startup should go together. We usually start thinking of business models right away without checking how it aligns with the Founder’s own values and strengths. What I propose is for founders to look to themselves first before jumping to their startup idea.

The first portion of the Significant Startup Blueprint is designed to help the startup founder. You. …

Many startup founders lose themselves in the pursuit of scaling quick, cashing out and that big exit. Instead of running their startup, they end up being run by it. We should be smart about building our dream startup by failing fast and succeeding faster. We should also be mindful not put our business’ raison d’etre in the backseat.

It’s interesting that entrepreneurs build startups so they can be their own boss and take control of their work choices. But in chasing success for their business, they find themselves back in the life they once tried to escape.

While it is…

Allow me to share with you some of the most remarkable startup founders I’ve met on this journey. I’d like to call them significant startups founders because they have a strong why — their reason for doing what they do. Although things can get tough at times, they pull through nonetheless. They continue to find that balance between significant and successful work.

Ann Enriquez and Louie Poco, Gouache

Ann and Louie are proud Mariquenos. Their love for well-designed products brought them to start Gouache, a waxed canvas and leather brand that taps into the talent found in Marikina and nearby areas. Building Gouache, one of the…

In 2010, I had the chance of a lifetime to study and work in France. Even though I was enjoying the city of lights, there was this nagging feeling that something was amiss. I felt that I wasn’t creating enough impact where I was and with what I was doing. I wanted to do something more, something that has more significance. I knew I can only do what I wanted back home. Contrary to what people would do in my situation, I decided to go back to the Philippines and pursue work that’s more meaningful for me.

I then started…

Being featured in a magazine has always been something I’ve put on my list ever since I started pursuing my dreams as an entrepreneur of purpose and significance. It’s not really a goal, but more of a milestone. Like a checkpoint that tells you that you’re on the right track and you should continue on doing who you do.

I’ve been working on The Spark Project for almost half a decade now. Time did fly by fast. I still remember having that small idea of starting up local crowdfunding site back in 2010. With the help of my co-founders for…

Last March 17, I had the chance of a lifetime to meet a royal. Anne, the Princess Royal; daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, and younger sister of Prince Charles. She’s known to be one of the most hard-working and active royals today. Keeping a full calendar each year.

Patch Dulay

Discovering the innovative and experiencing the unique. Founder of The Spark Project. Travels for inspiration. Chasing significance. Embracing grace.

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