Significant Startup Blueprint — The Blueprint

The Significant Startup Blueprint (read the prelude) is made of two main parts, the Founder and the Startup. The Founder and the Startup should go together. We usually start thinking of business models right away without checking how it aligns with the Founder’s own values and strengths. What I propose is for founders to look to themselves first before jumping to their startup idea.

The first portion of the Significant Startup Blueprint is designed to help the startup founder. You. The blocks are there to help you make sense out of the different areas in your life that make up who you are.

There are no set of rules on how you should fill out all the blocks. You can jump into each block randomly. Or you can start filling it out from left to right, right to left. They are all interconnected.

  1. Passion and Skills — What do you geek on? What makes your eyes spark?
  2. Why I serve — What compels you to serve others and do what you do?
  3. Who do you serve — Who do you serve or wish to serve more?
  4. Who am I — How would you describe yourself? What roles do you choose play?
  5. Social Pain and Solutions — What pain points do you feel strongly about? What solutions do you have for these?
  6. What I do — How would you describe your work? What work do you wish to do more of?
  7. How you show up in the world — With everything put in place, craft a solid statement of who you are and what you do. If there is something you want to be remembered and known for, what would it be?

You’ll notice that similar words recur when filling out the blocks. These are insights about yourself. They might be telling you something you already know but haven’t really pondered on. Try dwelling on them some more and see what opportunities can take shape.

The second portion of the Significant Startup Blueprint is Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas. The BMC is a common tool used by startup entrepreneurs to help sum up their businesses in one page. The building blocks help you make sense of your businesses. To know more about the BMC, click here.

Let the top portion of the blueprint help you fill out the BMC. Once filled out, you will see how the top and bottom align with each other. The more connected they are, the more solid your startup is.

Significant Impact

At the center of the blueprint I added the significant impact block to cohesively connect the two canvases together. This helps you identify and measure the impact that you’re set out to do. What lasting impact do you plan to create through your startup business?

The Significant Startup Blueprint is designed to help you start out your journey as you build you Significant Startup. This is definitely not the only way to arrive at this. I suggest you also find time to complement this with other tools that can help you solidify and validate your business.

Dare to be significant? Find out how you can get started on creating a startup that matters with the Significant Startup Blueprint. — Patch Dulay

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