Amy Today

I have learnt that just because people don’t like you, it’s doesn’t make you “not good enough”. I am my own person, and I like to do things that my friends might not and be okay with it. We stand solid on our common ground.

I like to think there is a little version of me sitting in my brain, so it’s like my brain is the box and I’m sitting in it, but I’m actually out of it (take a moment to visualise this)…

The designers I look up to usually change with the fashion season but Kimora Lee, Olivier Rousteing, Alexander Wang and David Tlale are my favourites. I also visit Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube to draw some inspiration or I’ll go for a walk. Inspiration is everywhere! We live in a world where it’s basically amongst us; every day, every minute, every second.

Over the years I’ve been a part of Beauty, Food and Fashion (BFF), Face of Wuhan, Wuhan Blackout and most recently the Women, Wisdom, Wealth event in March and 50 Shades For A Cure: a charity auction in aid of a fellow student in Wuhan’s cancer treatment. I will also be involved in the upcoming Ifair.


  • I’m open for diversity. I won’t only be doing Afro-Urban clothing.
  • • PBA is a life commitment-‘til death do us part

Amy’s quotable quotes:

-“Step by step”

-“Wake up and go for it”

-Eat. Pray. Hustle .Slay

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