Michael Jackson

ReactEurope interview #14: Michael Jackson

Meet Michael Jackson, if you’ve written a full blown React.js app, you’re probably already using some of his code as Michael is one of the author of the famous react-router with Ryan Florence.

At the conference, Michael will talk about how he’s been working with the Relay team at Facebook to bring all the React.js goodness to native such as server-side rendering and real URLs on native devices. Something I think we’re all super excited about. Michael will also be giving a workshop just before the conference with Ryan, only a few tickets are left so make sure to grab yours here before they’re all gone.

Here’s his full interview:

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, what do you do?

My name is Michael Jackson. I’m from California. I currently live in the San Francisco bay area and am very fortunate to be able to teach React full-time. I also maintain quite a few open source projects, including React Router.

What were you using before React?


What made you switch to React?

The main reason I switched to React is because it lets me think about what my UI should look like at a single point in time instead of over a period of time. The benefits of this approach cannot be overstated. It greatly simplifies the process of reasoning about how my UI behaves as the state of my application changes over time.

What’s your greatest react projects, open source or not that you’d like to tell the world about?

I do quite a bit of work on React Router, together with Ryan Florence, Dan Abramov, Alexander Gundermann, and many others. I also wrote a composable HTTP library for JavaScript called mach, which lets you write HTTP servers, proxies, and clients that support the same streaming interface in node.js or browsers.

What do you expect from the conf?

I fully expect this conference to continue to push the boundaries of what people are doing with JavaScript, similar to the way React.js Conf did in January. I’m excited to see what amazing things people are doing with React, and to catch up with old friends and make many new ones!

Anything else you want to tell future attendees?

Like most things in life, you’ll get out of this conference and community about the same as what you put into it. Put a lot into it, and I think you’ll be very satisfied with the knowledge, skill, and friendships you get out of it.

There you go, you now know a bit more about Michael and hopefully you will be able to meet him personally at the conf or at his workshop.

If you haven’t done so, make sure to grab your ticket to the conference before they’re all gone and see you there!

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