ReactEurope ligthning sessions

Only 10 days before the conference, we hope you’re as excited as we are.

At the end of the first day of the conference, we will hold a lightning talks session. Here’s the list of awesome talks that were picked by the community:

Can components be truly encapsulated? by Ovidiu Cherecheș (follow Ovidiu on twitter/github).

d3 with React by Andreas Savvides (follow Andreas on twitter, github).

values that change over time by Sunil Pai, (follow Sunil on twitter/github).

Everything they don’t tell you about context by Dave Brotherstone, (Follow Dave on twitter/github).

Going native with Este.js by Mike GrabowskiMi, (follow Mike on twitter/github).

Building the React Native Playground by Joshua Sierles, (follow Joshua on twitter/github).

Relay-like REST-friendly Immutable-based data library by Petr Bela, (follow Petr on twitter/github).

There you go, we hope you will enjoy these lightnings as much as we will.

If still haven’t done so, make sure to get your ticket here!