#CivicTech Primer: What is “civic tech”?
Lawrence Grodeska

I like what you’re saying, but do in fact disagree with something you gave emphasis to.

The dividing line comes back to intention. Was this technology designed to improve the public good and better the lives of the many?

Not sure I agree that intention of the tool-builder is some sort of important “dividing line”, as you state. That strikes me as the sort of thinking that conversely leads folks to quip things like “Look at these silly Occupiers, opposing capitalism and yet using the products of capitalism — their iPhones and MacBooks — to lubricate their movement.” My sense is that intention is most useful in deciding who to laud and hold up for example (which are important things), but not so much in an on-the-ground practical sense.

And hey, take that with a grain of salt. That distinction might resonate with others, but I’ll admit that it doesn’t for me :)