T-Mobile is gearing redundancies

T-Mobile has launched a voluntary redundancy program for employees. If you can not find the right amount of willing, it will start the process of redundancies.

The content of the statement T-Mobile:

One of the key elements of the new strategy, T-Mobile Poland for the years 2016–2020 is a strong next bring the highest quality and customer satisfaction, change the way the company itself. We want T-Mobile was a company operating in an efficient, dynamically responsive to the rapidly changing market needs. Transformations will cover all aspects of the business, from the change of attitude and mindset by introducing new solutions and increasing the performance and efficiency of internal business processes. It also means structural change and what goes with it — personal.

That is why in the nearest future we will implement the Voluntary Leave Programme and, if necessary, layoffs. The process will begin in mid-March and will cover approximately 10% of the cost of employment, ie approx. 500 FTEs.

We did everything in our power to minimize the size of the planned redundancies, and that they are carried out with full social responsibility and in compliance with all formal requirements. The final shape of the benefits will be announced after the talks with the representatives of the employees. However, today we can announce that the scope will go beyond standard solutions.
Source: T-Mobile

Source: http://www.telepolis.pl/wiadomosci/t-mobile-szykuje-zwolnienia-grupowe-,2,3,35681.html

A similar downsizing took place in April 2015, if I slow down every year 500 people is for six years T-Mobile Poland will disappear from the market. We’ll see what will happen in 2022.

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