Poetic devices list

1) Juxtaposition — Literary Device

2) Anaphora — Literary Device

3) Internal and End rhyme — Sound Device

4) Alliteration — Sound Device

4) Conceit — Literary Device

5) Euphony & Cacophony — Sound Device


6) Metonymy & Synecdoche — Literary Device

b) Synecdoche — Literary Device

7) Apostrophe — Literary Device

8) Consonance and Assonance — Sound device

9) Enjambment & End-stopped lines — Literary device

10) Meter — Sound Device

  1. a) Iambic — two syllables. E.g., Belong (be-long).
  2. b) Trochaic — accented syllable followed by an unaccented syllable. E.g., garden, highway, tyger (William Blake’s poem The Tyger).
  3. c) Pyrrhic — two unaccented short syllables. E.g., to a green thought in a green shade.
  4. d) Spondee — two accented syllables stressed. E.g., faithful, toothache, bookmark, handshake.
  5. e) Anapestic — three syllables with the first two short and unstressed and the third syllable is long and stressed. E.g., understand, contradict.
  6. f) Dactylic — accented syllable followed by two unaccented syllables. E.g., poetry (po-e-try), itself (it-s-elf).
  7. g) Length — the number of feet/meter in a poem will determine the length. E.g., dimeter, monometer, trimeter, tetrameter, pentameter, hexameter, or heptameter.

11) Repetition — Literary Device

12) Zeugma — Literary Device




I am author T. Dench Patel. I provide value via blogging as well.

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T Patel

T Patel

I am author T. Dench Patel. I provide value via blogging as well.

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