How to save upto $300 by saving energy ?

After my previous article…which was about how to get $20 for signup for OhmConnect service. I am going to explain how you can save up to $300.

If you missed previous article…click here to read about it.

What is OhmHours ?

Those are the hours when “Peaker plant” will turn on. Ohmconnect named it Ohmhours.

How do I participate ?

After you sign up, you setup your phone and/or email to get notified. Ohmconnect will send you alert to participate in Ohmhours.

You can participate by turning off lights, the TV, adjusting the thermostat, or holding off on other energy intensive activities.

If you have smart devices, connect them and OhmConnect will automate their energy savings.

You participate and you get points in Ohmconnect service. Which you can cash out or donate.

So, basically …. it is simple as shown here ..

If you participate during the whole year and you might be able to get up to $300.

That money can be used for yourself, family or you can donate to people in need. WIN — WIN :-)