Tran Siu Biography

Tran Siu (born 17/12/84) is a first-generation Australian of Vietnamese-Chinese descent. He was Brimbank’s first Chinese –Vietnamese ward councilor and Deputy Mayor of Brimbank, Australia.

In his early years, Tran Siu attended Glengala Primary School and then went to study at Sunshine College. As a dedicated representative of the people of Harvester Ward Council, Tran Siu continues to focus on goals of meaningful community improvements. Once in College, Tran Siu was so motivated to succeed, he held on to a full-time job, while studying for a degree in Economics and Finance. In 2002, Tran Siu achieved the prestigious Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) achiever award Tran Siu for his commitment to making a difference for young people Tran Siu.

He was solely responsible to re-form the Sunshine Traders Group (STG) to the new Sunshine Business Association (SBA). Tran Siu has been active in sports since his childhood. He has been part of student associations and community business groups during his schooling, thanks to his inherent leadership qualities.

Tran Siu’s primary goal is to boost the financial situation of Brimbank’s Vietnamese population. He has supported groups like The Lions Club, Rotary Club, Amnesty International, the YMCA, World Vision, Boccia Victoria along with the Brimbank Council. He is known for his motivation to getting things done. Tran Siu did a special appearance in the Australian TV show, The Jigsaw Puzzle as a Police officer.