guitar is one of the 2 universal instruments that are pretty popular in the musical world. The other is the piano.

Often times people who play a musical instrument, don’t have direct contact with others that play instruments, but we are all part of a musical family who silently and invisibly respects one another and our collective love for music overall. Often times, people with similar instruments will play together, and that tends to help our skill improve. Whenever two musicians get together who play with different instruments, it’s to have some fun and jam, or to perform.

all different kinds of instruments make different sounds and are used for different kinds of music.

Musicians have different kinds of interactions based on what instrument they play. Most often, violinists will play with musicians who play string instruments as well, because other string instruments sound really good together, and create a unique sound. I guess you could call this musical culture in a way. This creates different styles of music such as rock, jazz, and classical.

Along with respect that most musicians share, comes a sense of competition and an invisible pressure to be better than one another. Musicians get better because they want to be the best, but also so they can show that they are the best. One thing to remember is that there is always someone better than you wherever you are, and there’s always room to improve. During the 20th century, during the bebop era, competition between musicians was very popular. Bebop was all about being the best musician and about being the fastest player. Earlier in the 18th and 19th century, pianists would have these competitions called cutting contests, to decide who was the best pianist in the land, and guitarists, especially bass guitarists are known for their competitive nature. Today, the classical music industry is very competitive. One must be in the top 5 percent of best players in order to make a good living and to make enough in order to survive. Being the best makes a name for you, as well as popularity, and that brings money and food to the table. Being a classical musician demands many hours a day practicing for perfection, and it has become a normality today for musicians to play music on the side while keeping a day job.

just like culture today, there are different cliques of musicians. The Djs hang together, orchestra people hang together, the band musicians as well as the rappers. I believe strongly that whenever musicians from different genres and different instrument families get together is when new music is created. When you mix a little acoustic guitar in with some electric guitar and some drums with some violin is when you really get creative and create something that's new and unique. Eminem, a white rapper used some violin in some of his songs which really changed the feeling of his music. During the 70s, jazz was combined with electronic sounds to create a whole new genre of music and that was fusion. Art is created when different instruments collaborate, creating something new.

Style often times is put onto certain genres of music. classical was often times played by the rich so the style people carried with it was respectable and very expensive nice kind of clothing. Rappers wore thug and hip clothing, as well as jazz artists. Band instrument players often wore tuxedos and suits and wore very respectable looking clothing as well. The type of clothing often times puts one into a social category which i think divides musicians more and more and is a negative consequence of the different types of culture in musicians. All kinds of musicians have something new to offer to the musical realm however, and it is truly special to see musicians from different genres to create something new.

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