Increase Page Views and Reduce Bounce Rates

Bloggers have common views that it is never easy to get visitors on their blogs. But when you talk about expert bloggers, then their perception is completely different. They think that bringing visitors is not complex since it is to engage them for long period of time. Many a times visitors visit your website, but they do not stay there for long.

Once we go it into the topic let’s have a look about what is Page Views and Bounce Rate.

Page Views: As the name indicates it is the number of times the pages are viewed by the visitors on your website. This is the main concern for the bloggers since it is not easy to attract the visitors to your blog pages.

Bounce Rates: It is the percentage of visitors coming to your website and leave the site instead of viewing into the deep.

Now, let’s go through these tips to leverage the Overall Pageviews on your website and reduce the bounce rates as well.

Content InterLinking

Interlinking is one of the best way to increase your website page views with other pages. If you have interlinked in the smarter way, you can actually grab the attention of audience to your blogs and similarly you can also gain traffic to your older blogs as well. Thus, interlinking not only enhances the bounce rate but also help in improving the ranking of your site in search engines.

Moreover, you can make use of SEO smart links or insights plugins to auto interlink your blog posts in an optimized way.

Display Similar Blogs

When the user leaves your website after reading the blog post is because you are not displaying them any related posts or additional information. If you display the list of similar blogs, you are giving them chance to visit your website more and ample amount of time to spend on your website. This can also motivate them to search for more information on your site.

You can also use different plugins during WordPress development like YARPP. It comes with advanced algorithmic structure to choose and display the related pages. Moreover you can also display similar posts without using category and tags.

Use Excerpts on Front/Archive Pages

Your blog home page is almost like the magazine front page. So it is better to avoid for larger text posts on the homepage, instead of place experts front/archive pages. This has its own benefits like it reduces the page load time and increases the page views.

And so it is highly recommended not to show the entire length of your content on your blog’s home page. Moreover you can also use “Read more” tag to overcome this issue. This will increase the speed of your website. Let’s take for an instance that your blog post has 25 pictures and you are displaying 5 pictures randomly. It will be an outrage experience for the readers and may leave your website without reading the complete post.

You can have this example of Homepage, where “Read More” tag is used.

There are many themes integrated along with WordPress development like Thesis, Genesis, and Headway etc. to show the related post.

Split your Lengthy Posts

This is one of the useful tip to increase the page views. The split posts can also be interlinked to make easy for the audience to locate the others. When you split the posts, it is important to make sure that each of these single post is unique. You need to be careful at the time of dividing the posts as if the single post do not have the enough content, then he readers may get pissed off by going through the smaller sections within the same post.

Dividing the post into multiple post offers the best user experience to the visitors because it not only adds sense to the personal reading but also helps the audiences to grab the information without any hassles.

Interactive Sidebar

Sidebar plays the major role for the cutting bounce rates and leads to the increase in the page views. You can show as shown in the below image the popular posts, featured posts, recent posts or the most liked posts on the sidebar. Moreover you can customize the same by weekly, monthly or all time. Even you can show the recent posts on single post pages. There are many websites that make use of custom images for navigating the certain posts of their own. You can use that for adding other sections also.

Ending Up

If you really want to enhance the large number of pageviews of your website with the less number of bounce rate, then you must offer the best user experience to your readers. You can do this by leveraging the neatness of website development and avoiding using many advertisements, or long posts. Moreover you can also use excerpts for the best reading experience and improving the page load time.

If you will use these tips, you will be definitely navigate your WordPress site easier, that is ultimately required for increasing the page views and reducing the bounce rate on your site. If you are in need on any help feel free to contact us.

And if you have any other tips you can help the bloggers around, and share in the comments sections below.