Mobile Apps Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

With increase in the number of mobile users, the users started to opt varieties for required services. Such diverted scenario enforces business of all sizes and capacity to develop their apps for android and iOS smartphones to reach their customers faster and for the online presence of their business. Mobile Apps act as a platform between users and business. In the near future, the scenario will drastically change that it will be really necessary for each and every business to have an online presence.

Android and iPhone App development in the last few years came up with multiple apps for various fields. The crowd along with smartphones now prefers tablets or iPads for advanced functionalities. This rage has increased because iPads and tablets provide almost similar functionalities like laptops, palmtops and desktops.

Statistics of 2015 -16 for mobile apps will roll your eyeballs

In 2009, Google play store was having only 2,300 apps which has tremendously increased by 2015. In 2016, statistics has more than 1.90 million apps which is increasing day-by-day. It is reported that over 125 applications have been downloaded at least one hundred million times and over 1,788 apps have been downloaded at least ten million times.

In 2008, App store was having only 500 apps which has sustainably rise by 2015, to 1.4 million with more than 100 billion downloads of apps where more than 62K downloads per day. The rage is increasing everyday. As of June 2015, the App Store had 1.4 million apps and more than 75 billion copies of apps had been downloaded until June 2014.

Prevailing trends of app for business

Nowadays, most businesses provide users with unique textual and visual content. Such iOS and android apps automate and streamline the online ordering process to reduce manpower and the cost associated with it. Businesses could also cash in with relevant ads and app purchases to increase revenue.

On the basis of requirements it is necessary to develop separate apps for tablets and iPads to have additional functionality. As tablets and iPads are big screen gadgets,it needs individual effects and features.

Categories of Applications

All the mobile applications for Android or iPhone are grouped in the particular fields so that they can be identified easily. Mobile apps are distinguished on the basis of their provided facilities. Below is listed the categories of apps defined on basis of apps intended purpose:

Personal Assistants
GPS-powered Guides
Rallying Areas
Multimedia Tools
Proprietary Solutions
Branding Solutions
Split-Second Mailmen
Time Wasters
On demand
All-in-one (containing multiple functionality)

LetsNurture caters you with the outstanding category options for your Android or iPhone based apps. Team of nurturers have also been actively engaged in developing Gaming apps, Health & Fitness Apps, E-commerce Apps, Education Apps, Entertainment & Media Apps, iBeacon and BLE powered Apps among others and much more.

LetsNurture provides you the apps in the latest versions of Android and iOS to provide you the enhanced features. Eg. Development of iOS 10 based applications includes 3D Touch expansion, expressive ways to communication, third-party functions, etc. based on your requirement.

Rage of App Marketing and ASO

Looking to the statistics and rage of mobile apps, App Marketing is very important to stand unique amongst multiple apps. ASO (App Store Optimization) is one of the app marketing technique which helps users to find your app faster. LetsNurture not only develops the apps, but also do app marketing to enhance your users. App Marketing service is provided as per your demands.

Final Verdict

Having an app or website for your business will give your business real as well as virtual presence. To drag more users towards your services, proper SEO, ASO and app marketing is simultaneously also mandatory.