Rise of the Sensorized World: You Can’t Opt Out of IoT based solutions

IoT spending will reach US$1.29 trillion in 2020 — predicts IDC.

Internet of things is a buzzword everywhere you look these days, from personal utility to industrial technology. It has been estimated that there will be billions of data-spouting devices that are connected to the Internet. And they are actually changing the way we live and work. Even the people who are not tech savvy are getting on the bandwagon of this sensorized and smart world.

The Future is Smart…!!

Just imagine that IoT solutions we know today are just the beginning of a new technological revolution and we have just scratched the surface of what Internet of Things can actually do for us. More than a third of the consumers have never heard the term “Internet of Things’; are you amongst them? Then, let’s dive into few IoT based solutions and idea that are ready to impact our lives in near future.

Things getting Sensorized

IoT based solutions benefits the end users by connecting smart devices to perform tasks to deliver additional information, value or functionality.

Using Smartphones, you can now connect directly to your living room and turn off/on the lights, can check if your house is locked, even go to shopping on the way home and almost everything in between. This is not the future, many of these IoT solutions are already available.

For example, think about a personal virtual assistant like Alexa providing a truly personalized experience. Since all the personal IoT devices will be able to communicate with each other, they will not only help our decisions on the fly but they will understand what we need within seconds.

Connected Car Platform

Think of sensors that diagnose problems in your car or that automatically alert you with nearby service station when a breakdown occurs. These IoT advancements are already here.

Another car-related topic where the IoT solutions are changing the status quo is the emerging industry of fleet management. Location tracking, smart routing, apps monitoring a driver’s hour of service, and the automatic adjustment of tire pressure are the advances.

Take for example, an OBD II device that connects to your car to get handy metric data about your driving habits, helping people to understand vehicle’s fuel efficiency and providing location tracking. This IoT based solution is much more than just a gadget for your vehicle.

Advancement of Smart City Concepts

The smart city concept is still a work in progress, both when it comes to defining exactly what we mean by the term, as well as its implementation.

Considering the smart city, there are already some applications available in the market:

Smart Parking: Used for automatically handling the parking barrier in a parking zone with a digital transaction of parking amount as per the requirement.
Smart Plants: Used for live tracking of plant’s health. Know what supplements your crop/plant needs sitting at your remote location, on your smartphone.
Smart Museum: Helps visitor to know the stories behind their favorite art piece, provides detailed information about the Artist and let them find art venues in nearby areas.
Traffic management: Monitoring of vehicles and pedestrian levels to optimize the walking and driving routes
Structural Health tracking: Monitoring the vibrations and material condition of the buildings, bridges and historical places
Smart Lights: smart lights will sense your mood and analyse it with your activity patterns through sensors to get the right light.

We are expecting to come out with more and more innovations in this field as everyone is eager to reduce the operational costs.

Tracks Your Health

People will obviously like to visualize the data about their physical activities and the users of wearable technology are really excited to access the data about their daily activities and exercise patterns. Moreover, with the rise in the wearable technology, we are also able to visualize the gamification of the fitness activities. IoT solutions are paving the way to the healthier nation.

Moreover, the wearable technology is taking away the medical field as well about how doctors are using technology to assist their patients. Even, the patients having abnormal conditions can now be reminded about their treatment with the help of their sensorized wristbands. We can imagine that the autism can be diagnosed at the earlier stage, and even the warning alerts about the potential sugar crashes before they actually happen.

Wearable technologies are designed to take the IoT solutions beyond notifying users. They have already become automated tools to track our physical bodies, whenever there is an issue that needs attention.

Simplifies Your Work

Consider factories or metal plants that are benefiting from sensors that are installed in their facilities that provides preventive actions avoiding malfunctions. Moreover you can also consider technologies that ensures the overall health and safety conditions of miners. There are endless opportunities.

Every company is heading to reduce the operational costs that runs a business. There are many methods in the companies both large and small that can improve operational efficiencies with IoT solutions.

Let’s build an IoT based world together

Summing up all, we can challenge on two things: these sensorized devices will make our lives a whole lot better and our smartphone will witness the central hub connecting all. Even, the researchers predict that by 2020, there will be more than 35 billion IoT solutions out there or possibly more.

There are endless opportunities and many exciting things in this field. It is amazing to realize that we have marked an entry in the new technological advancement world. If you are looking to discuss from one of the best IoT company, get a free quote from us.

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