Travel app development — give new heights to your tourism business

By 2018, the gap between being mobile is predicted to grow to people spending three hours and 20 minutes using the net on their phone, compared to just 40 minutes on the computer. Gone are the days where people used to sit for hours on their desktop or laptops to plan their trip. Mobile app development has made this process easy and handy. Now the audience are moving towards the usage of travel app to plan anything related to their trip.

You need to book tickets for your bus, it’s just a tap away. You need a room booking in a hotel, this also is just a tap away. With travel app development, the users can leverage numerous features from booking a cab, bus, train to hotel rooms and tourist attractions.

Tourism industry has dramatically changed over the past few years. More people have started travelling not only into the natives but also across countries. Travel industry has spread its wings, economically dominating most industries. With this growth and popularity, there arises a need of non-speculative solution to sustain the competition.

Why will travel app development see a paradigm shift?

9 out of 10 travellers prefer travel app than a traditional way of booking and travelling.

The travellers would always need to visit the travel agent’s website to refer to the itinerary or for booking. And if the website isn’t mobile friendly, people might also be restrained from using those. They would not have their laptop handy all the time. Travel app development proves to be the best solution in this case.

People are now engaged in their mobile apps more than 50% of the time. Henceforth, mobile application for tourism will prove to be an efficient solution that you can offer as a tour operator. Unlike travel websites, travel app is a one-pack-solution where the user can it easily use whenever required. Travel app development will foster the needs of your customers whenever needed.

Customer engagement and customer satisfaction are the foremost strategies to look upon as a solution to pertain a market where competition is flooding. Mobile app development would be an affordable and reliable solution to look at. A growing urge to not only remain in the market but also to provide best of the facilities to the customers will be the reason a travel company will opt for travel app development.

How a simple mobile app can be fruitful to a travel business

MICE segment tourists or the business travellers are the ones to get the maximum benefit out of the travel app development. These travellers frequently rely on mobile app from booking of air/train tickets to hotel booking. A travel agency can foster the requirements of a wider audience depending on the features that they provide them via their Android or iPhone mobile app.

There are many features that a travel agency can impart to its customers to give them a blended experience of travelling.

  • Ticket booking: Travel app provide an anytime, anywhere service providing all the necessary solutions. Ticket booking being the major requirement, a convenient way of offering this service would be favorable for the tour operators. Air, land and sea, ticket booking for all these mediums under one shade is something a traveller would love to see in a travel app.
  • Customized packages: Offering holiday packages along with itinerary is a great way to show your audience your customized solutions. Customization is a factor that the customers look for while travelling. Putting their needs and requirements first through the travel app would be something they might be inclining to.
  • Payment gateway integration: By providing a secure payment gateway, a travel agency can gain the trust of the users. Integrated secure payment mode and a refund option proves to be an extensive strategy to utilize for your mobile app.
  • Car rental within the app: When everything is provided under one shade, what else can an individual be looking for? An option to book a ride with the car service providers within the mobile application would help the person while traveling through different places. Whether the traveler wants to go to a hotel from the airport, or to the holiday destination, if the travel app incorporates a cab service in its features that would be a bonus for the travelers.
  • Geolocation based services: Once the tourist reaches the destination, the first thing a tourist wants is to check out a hotel, cafe or a nearby local attraction. Inculcating GPS or geolocation solutions to your travel app development, can make your customers use your app more efficiently and frequently.

Furthermore, offering digital payments, mobile room entry, online flight check-in are other ethical benefits for travel app development proves to be your ultimate way towards customer retention. — a startup, popular for its travel app is an Indian startup which was acquired by Ibibo group in June 2013. This is a popular app that allows the users to book tickets without much hassle.The business also owns BOGDS, a cloud computing service for bus operators, and SeatSeller, a GDS for bus inventory distribution.

It has been very popular among Indian travellers for booking buses for their road journey.

What to do if you are in need of travel app development?

A business will always look for affordable solutions. But with affordability, reliability and assurance are some of the major factors that should be accountable.

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