What I Know For Sure: At 24
Karen Desai

Dear Karen, I too can relate to your life. Fortunately, we maybe in the same boat as a lot of people of this generation. When I say fortunately, I mean there’s still hope. In my opinion, instead of thinking “what am I doing with my life” which I honestly ask my self everyday, take the time to enjoy your life for what it is. Getting caught up in the corporate world makes you lose sight of whats important all while chasing success. Go see the world, ditch the MBA for a little while and have some fun, learn about new cultures first hand and discover ways you can help people. Who knows, you may find what you’re looking for elsewhere. Fun is something only our generation know’s about, if you aren’t having fun doing what you do day to day, it might be time for something different. Find yourself, make moves, change the world!

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