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Dhiraj Jindal
Jul 17 · 2 min read

Nowadays you can experience the virtual world using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology. Head mounted display devices (HMDs) are available in the market that can help you dive into a virtual world and interact with the virtual world to some extent. Although, these technologies paint quite a convincing picture of presenting virtual word but they may not fully engage you as the you will be able to see and hear the objects or person in the virtual world but you cannot feel, sense and smell them.

According to recent patent publication, Disney has developed a gadget called air flow generator that helps simulating the effect of touching and/or smelling a virtual object created using AR and VR. The gadget enhances the virtual world experience by adding an extra dimension of smell and haptic to the virtual object. For example, the air flow generator blows out a gush of air based on the movement of a virtual object such as sword swinging, animal moving etc. Also it can release a scented liquid to the air to simulate particular smell such smell of soil, smell of flower, etc.

The HMD along with the air flow generator will simulate the virtual world in a very realistic manner. Hope Disney launches this product soon!

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Patent Information
Publication Number: US20190192965A1
Patent Title: Directed wind effect for ar/vr experience
Publication date: 2019–06–27
Filing date: 2017–12–26
Inventors: Steven M. Chapman, Javier Soto, Mehul Patel, Joseph Popp, Calis Agyemang
Assignee: Disney Enterprises Inc

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