Patent Monetization Licensing Solutions

Your IP investment should always return the maximum revenue. If it is not, then Sagacious IP will help you.

Patent Monetization Licensing Services

With the patent monetization or patent in-licensing program of Sagacious IP, you can determine the strongest aspect of your patent, analyze and explore its value, methodically execute the licensing program to give you the maximum reward deserved.

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Patent Valuation

Before entering into any patent buying activity it is important to determine the exact monetary value of the patents.

Our expert Patent Analyst at Sagacious IP will help you determine the highest licensing and revenue potential of a patent(s) by conducting technical research, market research, financial research, and various financial modelling methods.

EOU / Claim Chart

Sagacious IP’s Evidence of Use (EOU) Chart Mapping service helps companies prove the use of their products / technologies by concerned third parties.

Our deeply structured process of Evidence of Use (EOU) Chart maps the product literature, product terms, patents, figures, and third-party laboratory analysis services to improve your claim charts.

Identification of potential IP infringers, reverse engineering services, and claim charts are indispensable to your target identification efforts.

Patent Monetization Licensing Services at Sagacious IP Website

Our claim charts capturing the best technical infringement evidence helps you with:

· Infringer / Licensee Identification

Sagacious IP’s reliable and efficient Infringer/ Licensee identification search service helps you obtain the real worth of your IPs.

· Licensing Opportunity Monitoring

The main aim is to provide our clients with a list of the most useful potential licensing partners that can add value to their IPs through our Licensing Opportunity Monitoring system.

Our professional patent analysts keep a strict eye on each activity that can affect your licensing opportunities.

We help you with the following services:

Patent Legal Due Diligence

Prior to acquisition of a patent, due diligence is a tool that will help you ascertain the asset you are acquiring, which will avoid the hazards of patent validity and enforceability problems.

Sagacious IP’s due diligence service helps the acquirer (buyers or sellers) to assess whether the values presented or projected is accurate.

Knock Out Validity Search

It is a low-cost, fast, high-quality, alternative to assess the validity of a patent(s) and provide preliminary information to our clients. This eventually lays the foundation of a full-fledged patentability search.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is one of the most important aspects of determining whether the patented inventions are being used in the industry by a particular company.

The Sagacious IP engineering team is well-equipped with patent analysts trained in both software and hardware domains to do exact reverse engineering of a technology.

Sagacious IP is proficient in executing reverse engineering for:

· Embedded systems in mobile phones, laptops

· Wireless networks, such as Wireless local area networks (WLAN, Wi-Fi), mobile networks (LTE, WCDMA, GSM), Bluetooth

· Wired networks, such as Ethernet, Internet Protocol (IP), Voice of IP (VoIP), and Optical networks


It is important to keep everything electronically documented in the patent arena.

Sagacious IP’ E-discovery service is cost-effective, fast and reliable to manage all your electronic data.

Important features of Sagacious IP’s E-Discovery service are:

· Flexibility to adapt to client needs

· Extensive in-house resources for quick start up of projects

· Effective review through use of customized teams of technology experts

Source Code Analysis

Source code is, by far, the most uncompromising proof and efficient method of unlocking information.

The efficient team of Sagacious conducts in depth-source code analysis, providing specific insights on how the source code functions and actionable insights on how the code evolved.

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