Macro Control of the Quantum World & Observational Mechanics

How I just “do things” is quite a bit different then what I think most people do, then I have to map how I do things to how others do things in order to communicate with people. Maybe everyone does this at an intuitive level, I just do it more mechanically.

Anyway I do almost everything via a process I call Observational Mechanics, or QuaOb (quantum observations) for short. It’s pretty much equivalent to a mix of quantum mechanics and quantum gravity, but it’s more “practical” in that I use it for just about everything.

Now a lot of people disagree with this approach, so I don’t even argue it. I’ve been doing this since the early 1960’s and by now I’m way past arguing with people on it. When I was a kid people would look down on me and think I’m either stupid or arrogant, or both, could bet true but I’m a “whatever” by now. Anyway here I go at explaining it.

A hydrogen bond is basically a shared proton between two things. For DNA that shared proton is what connects the two sides/strands of the DNA helix. So let’s say they DNA wants to duplicate for something like sex/duplication, well that helix needs to break apart and then reform in order duplicate. So the subtle difference in quaob vs the normal way of thinking about DNA duplication, is that it’s not breaking apart by force, but: by observing the DNA it localizes the proton to one side or another which “breaks” the strand so it can duplicate.

Obviously at a macro level people think a lot about sex/duplication. So these high level actions do effect quantum level observational mechanics, otherwise in life things wouldn’t duplicate. One of the things that’s over most peoples control is eating. Rather then thinking about nutrition directly, I think about how to have my bacteria in my intestines duplicate in the manner I want. So as I make decisions on what/when/how I eat it’s having massive quantum effect on cell duplication and thus hydrogen bonds (are which by definition quantum).

Recently what I’ve been doing is keeping a record of what I eat, and tracking the carbohydrate to fat to protein ratios. I also keep track of where the hydrogen bonds are on the carbohydrates/fat/proteins. But more importantly I also keep track of how fast my bacteria is processing the carbohydrates. What I concentrate most on when I enter what I eat into the program I use, is having my bacteria that processes carbohydrates, do that evenly through the day(I don’t think to much about the rate fat is processed as long as the hydrogen bonds on the fat start of in a sweet spot).

Recording and changing behavior on what I observe as I eat is a “measurement”, this macro level measurement obviously effects quantum processing. Measurement is the primary vehicle/definition for observational mechanics, in that measurement changes state not force. I’ll continue to do a series of posts on quaob for no apparent reason … I find it kind of weird that no one may ever read this yet it is actually how things happen.