Build on this structure and stay friendly to make your ideas shine!

See what I did there? (CC-ZERO Image by Comfreak on Pixabay)

Review the fundamentals: Questions to come back to

Look at some structure: Starting and signposting

Picture your reader: Who are you writing for?

Think about your voice: Are…

An attempt at honesty about my mental health and working life.

St Paul’s Cathedral by Bompas & Parr (adapted from Wikimedia Commons User Jellorama)

How we added music and a team selector to our stand up light show!

How we got to here! (An iPad showing our new display with a team-member picker and intro button)

Sound, music and mindful art appreciation with Cogapp’s new IIIF tool

Four great IIIF art collections to get you started

Skating on the Frozen Amstel River by Adam van Breen | National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Art Institute of Chicago

  • Search/browse around till you get to the ‘About This Artwork’ page…

Keep checking your perspective on problems to nourish innovation and avoid expensive mistakes

Don’t demand a racing car and then realise you need a merry-go-round

We analysed 24 museum websites to distill the three groups of questions you need to answer for your visitors.

“What if we could look at a ‘mirror’ that read our mood and presented us with an artwork that reflected that mood?”

British Library items related to Gulf history waiting to be scanned.

Cogapp visits the Qatar Foundation project at the British Library

Pat Hadley

Cultural comms and digital bod. (On a partial mental health break) Poorly preserved archaeologist remains. Formerly @cogapp @YorkMuseumTrust

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