Build on this structure and stay friendly to make your ideas shine!

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See what I did there? (CC-ZERO Image by Comfreak on Pixabay)

Bleurgh! Writing can be tough. You’ve worked on something for ages, the process meandered all over the place, and now you need to write it up in a way that’s clear for other people. What a pain.

Well guess what!? You can read this post (this very one, you’re already doing it! Go you!) then steal some sections to have a handy list of things to build your post around.

Right, let’s:

Review the fundamentals: Questions to come back to

Look at some structure: Starting and signposting

Picture your reader: Who are you writing for?

Think about your voice: Are you David or Emily? …

An attempt at honesty about my mental health and working life.

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St Paul’s Cathedral by Bompas & Parr (adapted from Wikimedia Commons User Jellorama)

It’s the turn of 2019 and here I am contemplating a big shift in my career. Again.
After two-and-a-half marvellous years at Cogapp I’m off again with a spring in my step to seek my fortune. Or not.

This post is going to be a bit more candid about where I’m at: it’s about work/life and what happens next. …

How we added music and a team selector to our stand up light show!

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned on Brighton Pier, it’s that seagulls are absolute bast@%~… Wait, no, it’s that flashing lights and cheesy music belong together.

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How we got to here! (An iPad showing our new display with a team-member picker and intro button)

So, at the last Cogapp Hackday I worked with Ben Kyriakou and Stephen Norris to add Spotify music and a teammate selection menu to the amazing illuminated NanoLeaf stand up Kay White and Ben had already built.

This post is going to cover some bits of the Spotify API and Spotipy (A Python library for Spotify). …


Pat Hadley

Cultural comms and digital bod. (On a partial mental health break) Poorly preserved archaeologist remains. Formerly @cogapp @YorkMuseumTrust

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