Sound, music and mindful art appreciation with Cogapp’s new IIIF tool

Slowing down is hard to do digitally: speed is fetishised in connection speed, post rates, skimming content and almost everything else online. At Cogapp however, we’ve been thinking about ways to encourage slow looking for a while. This post offers four lovely slow looking examples, paired with sounds and…

Four great IIIF art collections to get you started

Skating on the Frozen Amstel River by Adam van Breen |

This post follows my . In that post I shared four images using our new slow looking viewer. In this one, I’ll explain how to slow look other collection images from Art Institute of Chicago, Yale Center for British Art, National Gallery of Art and Bibliothèque…

Keep checking your perspective on problems to nourish innovation and avoid expensive mistakes

Don’t demand a racing car and then realise you need a merry-go-round

If you work in a museum, gallery or the like, you will often have to . In this post, we’ll go through some of the lessons I’ve learned (from both sides of the digital divide) about…

We analysed 24 museum websites to distill the three groups of questions you need to answer for your visitors.

How strong is your museum’s website as part of the whole offer? Does it reflect your identity as an organisation? Does it appeal to your visitors? What does it really need? Are there trends to pay attention to? Others to ignore? What makes the site appealing? What mistakes can you…

British Library items related to Gulf history waiting to be scanned.

Cogapp visits the Qatar Foundation project at the British Library

My colleague Gavin Mallory, has made a brilliant case for the idea that . In many ways the British Library is also a wonderful experience factory, but down in the depths of stacks they mine knowledge. At least that’s how it felt after learning about the mighty…

Pat Hadley

Cultural comms and digital bod. (On a partial mental health break) Poorly preserved archaeologist remains. Formerly @cogapp @YorkMuseumTrust

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