So. You have trouble writing blog posts?

Build on this structure and stay friendly to make your ideas shine!

See what I did there? (CC-ZERO Image by Comfreak on Pixabay)

Review the fundamentals: Questions to come back to

Look at some structure: Starting and signposting

Picture your reader: Who are you writing for?

Think about your voice: Are you David or Emily?

Anticipate critics: Give ’em a hug!

Wrap it all up in ribbon

When you get stuck, come back to this ⬇

What does my audience want to read?

What’s the core idea I must explain?

Start at the end!

Keep your reader on the path with signposts

How not to do signposts? Even these are better than navigating without any! (CC-ZERO by kbhall17 on Pixabay)

Who’s going to get your message?

Are you David Attenborough or Emily Graslie?

Blue Planet YouTube clip: BBC

! ! ! ! G R O S S ! ! ! ! W A R N I N G ! ! ! !

Squirrel McNastyFace: BrainScoop YouTube video

Hug your critics: tackle the ‘What about X?’

Embrace your critics! FREE HUGS (CC-ZERO by tozik on Pixabay)


Types of posts | Types of publications

Keeping complicated concepts clear

Find points of connection

Wrap it in a ribbon

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