Know about How to supply Chemicals

Chemicals play an essential role in many factory applications. The dangerous hazards of chemicals can lead to severe accidents that can be reduced if these chemicals are handled, stored and supplied carefully. However, when chemicals are there in the house, they should be kept properly to eliminate the chances of dangerous risks. Below are some important things that one should keep in mind before packing chemicals for supply:

• Is the chemical flammable?

• Is it an oxidizing or reducing agent?

• Is the solvent light sensitive?

• Does the organic solution require special handling tools?

• Is it corrosive?

• Does the organic solution need ambient temperature for storage?

After getting answer to these questions, go for typical storage procedures required by the chemicals. Make sure about the ignition control, identification, temperature, segregation and ventilation features while storing the organic solvents. Chemical suppliers in India maintains proper segregation by preventing the entry of incompatible particles into the solution as they may lead to fire explosions, toxic gases formation, violent reactions etc. due to chemical reactions.

1. While supplying different organic solvents; avoid storing acids with bases and reducers with oxidizers. Store them in separate containers to avoid reaction between chemicals.

2. If you are using cabinets to separate solvents, consider concentration of chemicals in mind. Like, do not store corrosive chemicals like caustics and strong acids in cabinets for a prolonged time. Use epoxy-painted or non-metallic cabinets to store corrosive chemicals.

3. Look for the container size before storing liquid. Make sure about its flammability and determine the boiling and flash points. Categorize the liquids before supplying. Store chemicals in metal drums, portable tanks, DOT drums, safety cans and approved plastics before supplying.

4. Before supplying the chemicals, make sure to label them properly. Organic solvents should be properly capped for secured storage. Do not store chemicals on floor, traffic aisles, fume hoods and bench tops.

5. Organize labeled containers alphabetically for easy arrangement of chemicals, place incompatible solvents away from each other to eliminate the chances of vigorous reaction.

6. Do not supply a lot of chemical containers at the same time.

7. If you are a drug supplier, make sure these organic solvents should be placed far away from the medicines.

8. While supplying organic liquids; take first aid supplies, eyewash, water, fire extinguisher, personal protective equipment, spill cleanups etc. with you.

Keep the above things in mind while supplying hazardous chemicals!