Women Are Spending Hundreds On Terrifying Baby Dolls
K. Thor Jensen

Ahem. I am a retired educator, mother and grandmother., and wife of a loving husband. I travel. I read. I am active in community service work. I have always loved dolls. There are people who collect Madam Alexander Dolls. Some collect Barbie Dolls. Some collect Hummel Figures. Some collect Nutcrackers. And some collect teddy bears. So who is to say ,”Oh, you can only collect what WE think “.

I am a collector of reborn dolls. And they are works of art. I worked for my money, so if I wanted collect old used beer cans, whose business is that ????? I don’t recall asking anyone’s permission to spend my money in the Free Market. I find that your use of language, your choice of words, i.e. “things” ; “terrifying “ is very biased. You do not have to agree with someone’s hobby, choice of collection, etc. But I know that if someone thinks that it is ok to get into my wallet, so to speak, I feel, highly offended. It really is no one’s business.


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