Engage +

Engage+ provides an easy solution for managing prescription medication. Working with the Engage APIs we are able to populate the user’s drugs into their virtual medicine cabinet, remind them when to take their medication, and find savings for future scripts. This secure, cross-platform app is HIPAA compliant in both Android and iOS devices.

My Role

As the project manager of this app, I was responsible for communicating the product vision between the client, our developers, and our designers. Since we were a smaller shop, I was also responsible for the UX design of the app, the project timeline and budget.


A large part of my time was dedicated to working with our client on the wireframes and flow of the app. Our client was the industry expert and understood the user needs. Here is a look at the wireframing process:

Using Balsalmiq, I was able to communicate the core concepts, features, and flow of the app to not only my designers and developers but also my client.


Next, we had to develop the tech architecture to receive the medical data we needed. I worked with both our developers and our client’s tech team to develop the secure APIs we needed. By knowing where this information fits into the overall vision of the product, we were able to build efficient APIs that were HIPPA compliant.

Final Screens

I worked with our graphic designers to develop the final screens. Each screen was connected to our APIs to deliver the users content. If the APIs were empty or unable to reach the user, we provided a message to the user to let them know what was happening.


By managing our cross-functional teams and controlling our product vision, we were able to build both an Android and iOS app that were successfully sold to EnvisionRX. We couldn’t have done it without our awesome developers and graphic designers working on the project.