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Can we easily solve cheque bounce in Bangalore cases??

Cheque bounce in Bangaloreis considered as a criminal case in India.Send a demand notice to the party who wrote the cheque, telling to initiate proceedings if the amount due is not paid are the initial steps that has to be done if a cheque has got bounced. Within 30 days after receiving the cheque, the notice should be send. There is no special format for this notice. The notice should contain the details such that if payment is not done within 15 days, the issuer will be punished. This will be enough in getting justice for cheque bounce issues.For more

The below steps are to be followed if someone met with cheque bounce issues. First the person who wants money has to send a demand notice .Through this notice may threaten to initiate proceedings under the NI Act, if the amount due is not paid. It will work in most of the cases. If the party is an individual, the proceedings will go under section 138 of the NI Act and if it is a company, the M D can be prosecuted personally under section 141.

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