The People Behind Path

Constructing a blockchain-integrated network analytics platform is no small task by any means, therefore it should come as no surprise that the team behind Path Network is experienced, balanced, and brilliant. In addition, the entire structure of the team purposefully maximizes the utility of these variations in experience and skills.

Members of the Path Network team have years of experience as Internet Service Providers, Network Operators, System Engineers, Software Engineers, and Security Researchers. This experience allowed for the identification of a niche wherein a network monitoring solution can be taken to the next level, primarily by utilizing the capabilities of the blockchain.

In short, Path aims to become the leader in network analytics, uptime monitoring, and performance monitoring by delivering a first-class solution to the problems each member has struggled with before. Path Network will fill a void in the analytics space; a void that consists of the lack of truly granular analytics and active reporting of pertinent issues. Following are descriptions of the exceptional individuals behind this venture.

E.J. Hilbert

E.J. Hilbert (CEO): In his 25+ years in the security arena he has served as an FBI agent, the head of security enforcement for MySpace, and as a CISO among other roles. He has conducted in-depth market research in support of establishing cyber security consulting practices for 2 firms in the US and EMEA, in addition to designing and deploying the products and services for those practices. Beyond this, he developed a blockchain solution to the credit reporting industry and a method to track online ads back to those paying for their creation. Mr. Hilbert has served as a consultant to most industries, investigated breaches at defense contractors, advised the C-suite and Board of Directors of multiple Fortune and FTSE 100 companies, and worked with the governments of the US, UK, Russia, Greece, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia to name a few. Prior to his role at Path, he served as Vice President of the Cyber Security Division at Gavin de Becker and Associates.

Marshal Webb

Marshal Webb (Co-President and Co-Founder): An established information security expert by the age of 22, Mr. Webb is the precocious co-founder of Path Network. Having won three government sponsored bug bounties, his expertise in the fields of network security, network analysis, and general software development eventually led to the creation of Path Network. In addition to these accomplishments, his keynote speech given at BTA 2018 (Blockchain Technology and Application Summit) titled “Security and the Blockchain” has won him a large amount of praise.

Matthew Flannery

Matthew Flannery (Director of Technology): Armed with 15+ years of experience across different sectors of I.C.T. alongside a recent focus within the last 5 years in managerial/senior consulting positions with Deloitte and smaller consultancies, Mr. Flannery displays expertise in implementing industry leading enterprise-grade solutions and building software delivery teams while showcasing strong skills in information security. A former convicted computer hacker, Mr. Flannery excels in professional consultation and is continuously striving to make the internet a safer place for all.

Jake McDonald

Jake McDonald (Director of Engineering): While primarily an expert on coffee, Mr. McDonald’s skills in React, Node, functional-reactive JS, data-driven CX design, application pen-testing, developer tooling, and web reconnaissance tooling have all been integral during the Path Network development process. To put it simply and be concise, his ability as a broad-spectrum systems engineer is unparalleled.

Mark Paone

Mark Paone (Lead Software Developer): The jack-of-all-trades for the Path Network team, there seems to be no programming task too large or complex for Mr. Paone. With over a decade in the tech startup scene and roles ranging from CTO to President to VP of Engineering, his experience in fast-paced technical environments has proven to be an absolutely invaluable asset to the Path team throughout development.

Eric Taylor (a.k.a. “Cosmo”)

Eric Taylor (Information Security Advisor): Infamous for his exposure of multiple senior U.S. government officials and celebrities in his earlier years, Mr. Taylor (also known as “CosmoTheGod” or “Cosmo”) has become a force in the effort to make the internet a safer place for all. His knowledge and experience regarding Information Security is unsurpassed, as he thinks like a Social Engineer with a technical skillset that few have.

Bryce Case, Jr.

Bryce Case, Jr. (Token Ambassador): Our resident ambassador to the cryptocurrency world and a prominent evangelist within it, Mr. Case (also known as “YTCracker” or “The Bitcoin Baron”) has proven to be essential in drawing the attention of many within the cryptocurrency community. Although primarily known for his “Nerdcore” music, he also has quite the technical skillset and is a noted advocate for blockchain technology.