Pioneering the Next Generation of Pathology

3 min readJun 20, 2023
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In today’s fast-paced and highly connected world, the field of pathology faces significant challenges. The exponential growth of information has exceeded human capacity to retain it all, leading to an overwhelming need for resources that can handle, filter, and organize the wealth of knowledge available.

A shortage of staff compounds this problem. A recent study in “The Pathologist” magazine revealed that less than 1% of all doctors are pathologists, with over 108,000 pathologists identified globally. However, the distribution varies widely, with the US having 65 pathologists per million population, compared to fewer than three in Africa.

Given this disparity, there is an urgent requirement for tools that can shorten the learning curve and facilitate collaboration.

Additionally, resources such as textbooks and online materials, vital for advancing knowledge in pathology, are not only expensive but also often passive and difficult to navigate. The time investment needed to search these resources can be prohibitive, slowing down progress and hampering the efficiency of pathologists.

Enter Pathriver, a new solution designed to streamline the work of pathologists and transform the field of pathology. With a focus on productivity, education, and collaboration, Pathriver is poised to revolutionize the way pathologists work.

A New Standard for Productivity in Pathology

Pathriver responds to the needs of the modern pathologist by offering a robust productivity tool.

With a comprehensive search function, it allows pathologists to filter diseases quickly based on a wide range of criteria, such as clinical, pathological, immunohistochemistry, molecular, and more. The result is a relevance-based list of diseases that can be compared side by side, aiding in diagnosis and speeding up the process significantly.

Pathriver’s simple-to-use interface also allows pathologists to swiftly display differential diagnoses and build immunohistochemistry panels. Text is structured and concise, perfect for quick comparisons, while the comprehensive image database includes gross, microscopic, immunohistochemistry, and clinical and molecular images when appropriate, providing a visually rich resource for pathologists.

Furthermore, Pathriver ensures that the information it delivers is up-to-date, thanks to regular updates from leaders in respective pathology subspecialties. Additional information on grading, staging, reporting, cytology, frozen section, grossing, handling, syndromes, etc., are also readily available, making Pathriver a one-stop solution for pathologists.

A Future-Proof Education Platform

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Beyond being a productivity tool, Pathriver excels as an education platform.

It hosts a vast directory of diseases, numbering more than 4000 entities, complete with robust search functionality within text and image descriptions. The information presented includes clinical data, grossing, handling, grading, staging, reporting, microscopic descriptions, syndromes, lab findings, immunohistochemistry, molecular data, special stains, treatment, and prognosis.

All this data is backed up by references and the input of leaders in the respective subspecialties in pathology, ensuring reliable, authoritative content.

A Collaboration Hub

Pathriver also addresses the need for easy collaboration and consultation among pathologists.

They can create public groups for sharing cases or consultations, facilitating dialogue through comments. There is also the option to create private groups for sharing cases or consultations within departments or a small number of colleagues.

Uploading images from mobile devices or computers is simple and intuitive, further promoting collaboration and ease of use.

The Pathriver Advantage

Adopting Pathriver offers a host of benefits for pathologists.

It helps to save precious time usually spent on searching through literature, thereby increasing pathologist’s productivity and the number of cases handled per day. Confidence in diagnosis is bolstered, leading to safer outcomes for patients and overall enhanced patient care.

For those in training, Pathriver serves as an invaluable tool to dramatically shorten their learning curve, while the ease of collaboration with the community fosters a supportive and cooperative environment.

Ultimately, Pathriver is the answer to the numerous challenges faced by modern pathologists. Its innovative approach to productivity, education, and collaboration promises to change the landscape of pathology, truly embodying its tagline as “The Next Generation Pathology”.

The future of pathology is here, and it flows with Pathriver.

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